Monday, December 30, 2013

a frandsen christmas, part two.

like i said before, a frandsen christmas is a good christmas. this post is mainly a smattering of a couple random little groups of photos i took in the days before & after christmas.

here are the gifts ben & i gave to various members of the family. basically, my gift-wrapping vision is to get the presents to resemble parcels anne shirley would have received as much as possible.

a few pictures of what the tree presiding over the gifts looked like:

the frandsens have amassed a truly impressive collection of diverse and beautiful nativities. i only captured a small fraction of the many set up all over the house. i love that this collection represents the incredible variety of ways such a sacred scene can be depicted. sometimes it's hard for me to decide which i like better: a colorful, intricately-decorated nativity such as this first one...

...something uniform in color & style like these two...

...or an incredibly simple depiction, consisting of only a few shapes, lines & details, like this one:

christine just mentioned tonight that this frandsen trip is unique in that the men outnumber the women, when it seems to tend to be the other way around. all of the four frandsen sons are here (& us two wives & kiddos), so lots of guys around. but us girls took some time on christmas day (or it might have been the day before? or the day after?) to have a quick little tea party in the backyard, all set up by lucy! we even drank actual cinnamon apple herbal tea out of a little tea set. add in some girl talk (ie NOT about physics or maths, which is what the guys' conversation often starts to evolve into...i mean, don't get me wrong, i LOVE discussions of math theorems & whatnot as much as the next girl :) & i'd say this tea party was a grand success:

& please for everyone to notice lucy's fabulous outfit. a close-up of her ensemble is a mere few pictures away. get excited!

tiny cups = much delicacy

i left the part with the firm belief & conviction that tea parties need to happen more often ("did my jane austen class this last semester teach me nothing?!," i said to myself) & to consider incorporating a satin-y white skirt-as-veil piece into my wardrobe ASAP.

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