Friday, December 27, 2013

a frandsen christmas.

a frandsen christmas morning is a magical christmas morning. we opened gifts in the music room, the space saturated with natural sunlight & the voices & delighted exclamations as people opened gift after gift. the bounty started early, with our stockings - spread out on every chair were fat, fat grapefruits, oranges, avocados, chocolates, & more more more. what a good day.

SO EXCITED. so excited (this will be our first time seeing "the lion king"! ben & i saw "peter & the starcatcher" in nyc, but that only makes us even more excited to see it again tomorrow, because we know what amazingness will come) 

the results of reading all 24 parts of the advent calendar on christmas eve!...which actually turned out to be great. the christmas story is quite coherent when you hear it all at once:

this photo taken by lucy. see how a string is coming out of the star? it's attached to the ceiling so the tree will stand up straight. long-time frandsen tradition :)

christmas morning was full of lots of hugs, a few of which i was able to creepily stalk/snap photos of:

next up is a series i like to call "brothers opening gifts." enjoy:

that's it. "brothers opening gifts" was just three pictures. that's all. i'm making an artistic statement but i'll never actually tell you what it is!

we all were incredibly blessed & spoiled on christmas day. everyone received such lovely & thoughtful gifts. let's take a look at a few, shall we? russ received new installments in the "great courses" lecture series he loves:

christian received a beautiful silver cross on a chain:

i received some yarn & knitting tools so i can get my rear in gear & start doing some creative projects again:

mama received a book of eva's poetry, accompanied by pictures of her:

brigham gave lucy a certificate for a daddy-daughter ski date (see the little skiier he drew?)

this was another certificate for a gift (i don't remember for what) given to elijah:

this photo represents the trip to sundance abe is treating christian to:

daddy received pants. ross! pulls through every time:

christian gifted me a chaim potok book - the gift of asher lev, sequel to one of my favorites, my name is asher lev. i'm so excited to read it!

two cute pictures of jane:

okay this is a hilarious story. jane was over sitting with uncle abe. ben started opening a chocolate bar he had received in his stocking. jane sees the chocolate being opened & runs over & does this:

ben's like, "oh! umm....!? & pops a bit of chocolate in her mouth, at which point she is appeased, for the time being :)

he then pats her on the back & tries to comfort her after her chocolate meltdown. the whole time i'm all, "i hear ya, girl, i really do. chocolate inspires the same feelings in me sometimes, too."

& that's the end of the story.

love the way jane is looking at grandma in this one. so cute:

uncle abe the kiddie's pal:

hope you had a merry christmas! two days late!

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  1. Oh Shayla, thank you thank you thank you! Seeing these pictures satisfies my craving to have actually been there. Thank you for being such a faithful documentarian of these activities.



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