Wednesday, December 25, 2013

london calling: day two, buckingham palace.

on day two we also stopped over at buckingham palace. it was mostly okay - i mean, it's a beautiful building & lovely gates & in a beautiful area, but you just kinda go & learn your forehead up against the gate & look at the palace for a few minutes, snap a picture or two, & then you're totally okay moving on to the next thing. i mean, there were no kate or will or baby george sightings. so.

this was a nice addition:

but like i said, the gates are pretty:

han/luke/leia reporting for duty:

there was a nice, simple christmas tree in the palace:

these intense guards. clicking their heels & marching & not much else:

i believe this stretch is called "the mall":

we wanted to take a more formal picture of these guards, but were kind of afraid. i mean, wouldn't you be?

oh buckingham palace. it was good to see you.

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