Wednesday, December 25, 2013

london calling: day two.

day two was a blustery day at big ben & parliament. i started out wearing my hair down, but after only about five minutes of wind just 100% covering my face at this grand site i halfheartedly put my hair up just enough to keep it out of my face...with gloves on. imagine trying to wrap a little elastic in your hair with thick gloves on, & you'll start to understand why my hair looks the way it does in some of these photos. :) 

the london eye (we heard from a ton of friends we talked to about london that it was overrated & don't spend the money. looking back now, i kinda wish we had done it, but oh well)

map boy, all day every day :)

so big ben is not actually the name of the large clock tower - the tower itself was remaned the elizabeth tower in 2012 in honor of queen e the second. "big ben" is actually the name of the 14-ton bell inside the tower! the four-faced clock itself is the largest in britain & was first set in motion in 1859.

this photo is a favorite of ben's:

the houses of parliament - this building is so, so gorgeous. & huge! several people told us it was totally worth touring through, but we learned tours are only available on saturdays...& we were there on a wednesday. sad face:

loved the wee union jack (well, wee to us) atop the parliament building:

this intense statch in front of the building:

i feel like my outfit on this day was a mix of luke skywalker's episode 4 outfit, leia's episode 5 snow outfit, & some han solo-ness thrown in for good measure.

in a field outside of parliament is this monument which normally houses rudin's the burghers of calais. it's on loan to a museum right now (can't remember which museum) so we missed it. i studied the sculpture lots in my humanities classes at byu, so i was pretty sad we missed the burgz.

parlez-vous parliament prettiness?

you can tell there is pretty stained glass window on the inside...too bad we couldn't go in & check it out, grumble grumble.

this was an interesting part of the building: 20th century martyrs. see dr. martin luther king jr. there fifth from the left?

 later in the day we visited the national gallery. we took a wonderful walk through its halls in order of time period. we started in the 1300-1500s, & moved on to the 1600s. the next day we came back & finished up the 1700 & 1800s. we love visiting museums - when dealing with the craziness & go-go-go of traveling, they're a calming stop to make. we love to slowly walk through the rooms, whispering to each other our thoughts & observations about the artwork, & then rest our tired, sore, traveling feet every once in a while in front of a painting we really love.

there were some nice things to see in the square right outside the national gallery:

the tree lighting method of this one seems a little too much of a cop out:

there was this huge, huge rooster right outside the museum. you can't tell too much in this picture, but it was a bright, electric blue that almost hurt your eyes:

we discovered the piece had only been installed earlier this year. very interesting!

phew. stay tuned for more! i'm a bit behind on my london posts. we're well into our stay in southern california at ben's parents' house. i promise i'll try & catch up quick!

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