Monday, December 30, 2013

london calling: particularly british things.

this post is full of photos i took various days of our trip & compiled into one big post about things that seem particularly british, & therefore delightful & enjoyable.

maltesers, anyone?

remember in the colin firth/five hour/bbc pride & prejudice (you know you've heard that movie described in each of those ways!) when jane is visiting the bingley sisters? she had ridden there in the rain, & is at lunch with them & tells them her uncle lives (or was it works?) on gracechurch street? right after that is when she gets pretty sick (but still daintily so, as in all she does is put her utensils down & kind of rubs her temple) & the one sister is all, "foster, call for help, miss bennet is unwell." well, WE FOUND GRACECHURCH ST:

we saw these blue signs all over the place, all these commemorations of some historical thing that happened in the spot that's now a starbucks or something. we saw the signs all over the place because basically anywhere you go in london, something historically important happened there:

"unsuitable for coaches." let's all take a moment to let this sign sink in:

& quite possibly the best sign we saw there: "the secret life of walter mitty: IN CINEMAS BOXING DAY."

stop for a sec & observe what all a full english breakfast consists of. ben ordered a full english breakfast once while we were there...& he said it was good!

found this friendly piece in a bookstore:

we think we know what bollards are:

mulled wine! so christmas-y.

that's it! that's all. thus concludes my series of particularly british things. there were so many more particularly british things we saw during our trip, but i kind of slacked & wasn't as camera-happy as i perhaps should have been. i think this also concludes all of the posts of our london trip! we miss it already - & already have a list of sites & experiences we didn't have time to do this trip, that we would love to do if we're ever lucky enough to go back. cheers.



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