Thursday, December 5, 2013

paint it black.

after two & a half weeks of making the science in canadia, ben is finally returning home to his everloving wife...tomorrow morning! the end is in sight!...for two days. ben leaves again on saturday night. like, this saturday night. 

i don't want to talk about it. 

in the meantime, you can bet i've got tons (well, as much as can actually happen in roughly 48 hours) of stuff planned for us to try & do over the next two days, that is when i'm not at work & we're not at the youth activity we have to go to & ben is not spending a few hours on saturday tutoring...sigh. these next two days are the only days in the entire month of december ben & i will both be here in nyc together, so i want to try & make it all as precious as possible. 

in the meantime, here's a song & an outfit that both feature the color my insanely sad heart is when i think about how little time i've spent in person with ben over the last three weeks, & how little time i'll be spending with him over the next two weeks. :) / :,(

hat: h&m, coat: zara, sweater: h&m, gloves: target, leggings: target, shoes: adidas. just kidding.

wish me luck.

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