Wednesday, December 4, 2013

siiiiimply haaaavin' a wonderful asher time.

one more quick post filled with photos of a certain cute & sleepy-eyed baldy:

i took these photos pretty much first thing after being picked up by my sister hannah & my cousin lauren at the airport. they picked me up, we drove to the grove, we stopped for some hamburgers, i snapped these photos (hannah & lauren took a few as well!). taking photos of sm'asher was a *must* on my list of things to do in california, so here they are:

obsessed with asher's extreeeeeeme side-eye in this photo on the right. i mean, that could almost be a meme:

cue the very important & perennially relevant lion king music for this next series of photos:

(p.s. in taking these photos we also discovered holding a baby out at arm's length for an extended period of time is just, like, the best arm workout one could ever get)

just the most smoochable:

this one is a favorite:


so precious:

& black & white version:

i mean, the looks this guy gives to the camera! he's just already hamming it up. which is no surprise, considering who his parental units are............!

ashdkdlflfhhhdyt stop, i can't handle the cuteness:

best friends/we're dating:

except when i kiss him he's a little like "stop," so, we'll have to talk about that:

asher <3<3<3 this wrap:

also a really delightful one:

we love you babeh asher!

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