Sunday, December 1, 2013

thanksgiving prep.

thanksgiving morning at my sister's house was a bustle of girls all working towards a common goal: whipping up delicious food for the feast that would be happening later in the day.

there we were in the cozy kitchen, the noise of pandora christmas stations, the electric mixer, clanging pots, & calls of recipe directions to each other filling the air. pine-scented candles were lit & we were still grubby-eyed from sleep & not yet getting ready for the day. there was a general sense of industriousness & excitement. this day was a necessary one for me - the thought of orchestrating all the details of a thanksgiving dinner still kind of freaks me out, but it was good for me to take a bigger part in the planning & cooking this year. little by little, right??

anyway, some photos:

my mom makes the best sour cream apple pie, & lucky for all us, hb (that's my sister's long-time nickname in our family, hb standing for "hannah banana," of course :) is also able to work her magic. here it is in its preparatory stages:

this sweet child did such a good job watching from his rocker as his mom, cousin (twice removed? never sure about those sorts of titles) & {favorite} auntie cooked away:

cinnamon, yum:

sprinkles cupcake carnage:

mixing up the sweet potates:

lauren's chocolate mousse pie that turned out fantastic:

festive gear for the littlest celebrator of thanksgiving:

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