Friday, December 13, 2013

the end of finals is nigh.

missing that benjamin fran like crazy tonight. i mean, i'm working on a paper for my toni morrison class (& i've only got a few pages more to write before i'm done with it all! done, i say!) so i've got some stuff to work on, think about, & essentially distract me, but there's this picture prominently featured on our desk here in the bedroom that's not helping much. it's a big canvas photo from our wedding day that i love: ben & i leaving our reception, people are blowing bubbles all around us, & we're smiling so hard our faces might break. i'm pretty sure i've blogged about it before...let me check...yep. HERE it is (on a related note from that post: PURPLE SHIRT. that is all). anyway, every once in a while i'll glance over at it & just...feel all the feelings. i can't wait to see that benjamin fran in a few LONDON! i haven't officially announced yet that we'll be in london for a few days before heading to southern california (or maybe i should say "socal," or maybe just "cali," to bug ben a little bit, because he hates when people say "cali" :). i am so, SO ready for this semester to be over. london will be good. london will be perfect. after being apart from each other for four & a half weeks minus two days (holy smokes, that sounds long), not only have i almost forgotten what it's like to not have one's bed all to oneself, but i have realized a getaway to london (or really anywhere at this point, so long as what's-his-name is there) is exactly what we need.

dress & le shoes are ASOS, belt is zara.

this candid-y type side-eye i'm giving is just rich:

realizing that the information i'm about to give dates these photos a bit, i'll say that ben took the photos above a week ago, literally right before hailing a cab to head to the errport. need evidence? receive evidence:

can' picture anymore...heart...slowly...singing mournfully. talk to you later!

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