Wednesday, January 29, 2014

nyc food marathon part 2.

read part one of the epic food marathon HERE.

on to the lower east side! poland central down there.

RESTAURANT #6: veselka for some potato pancakes & pierogis. this place was actually pretty good - i got, like, a half of a half of a bit of both, but they were delicious. definitely a place we'll need to go back to & explore more.

jump attempt #1:

jump attempt #2 (that actually turned out pretty nice, i must admit):

a girl from our group came out with the bag of food & as we were fiddling around, trying to get out the food & the utensils & everything, chad, a particularly zealous marathoner, got on hands & knees & declared himself the human table.

& the best part? WE ALL TOTALLY WENT WITH IT.

documentation of said human table:

we kept joking that, it being the lower east side, people probably thought there was some weird sex thing going on, or that, i don't know, we were drunk or something. nope! just needed a table on which to eat our pierogis! 

& then, of course, was the time he started doing pushups on the corner of 2nd avenue, because after all that, who wouldn't?

any lost fans out there?? spotted this randomly. THE NUMBERS! THEY'RE EVERYWHERE!:

RESTAURANT #7: joe's pizza. this place was good. 

after i took the picture, the guy behind the counter was like, "hey!! you got a camera??" i quickly kind of put the cam down & turned away because i thought i was in trouble (sometimes places don't allow photos, & others don't accept anything but cash, it's annoying, etc) but he was like, "no, you want to take a picture?" & then he posed like this. well done, sir:

found this among many gems on the wall:

i completely forgot to take a picture of the food until the very end of our stop, so all i got was this one teenser slicer:

something about ben is he loves, he loves, free food. i won't say he would give up his firstborn for free food, but i'm also not not going to say he would give up his firstborn for free food. haha. anyway, as we were walking through the farmers market in union square, several different stands had little plates full of samples. ie FREE FOOD. i caught a few photos of ben stopping to gape at the bounty of free food before him everywhere. it was like a garden of earthly delights...but with FOOD.

look at him. it's like he can't believe it. he doesn't even know what to do:

RESTAURANT #8: breads bakery for some babka. yum. 

RESTAURANT #9: maison kayser. it's a sit-down place but there's also a little bakery on the side. we bought several things, one of which was this almond sweet croissant thing & IT WAS AMAZING. top three of the day. FOR sure.

a few marathoners:

a few more marathoners (ben's trapper hat. love that hilar thing):

the almost croissant-y thing:

please also note the straight classic light-denim backypacky of our fearless leader steph, as constant as gatsby's green light, leading the way all day long:

can't walk by the flatiron building & not snap a photo:


RESTAURANT #10: four & twenty blackbirds in brooklyn. one word: YES TO ALL OF THE THINGS (actually that's six words, but originally i meant the one word to be "YES")

this place was the cutest. THE CUTEST. observe:

cranberry sage pie. sounds interesting, right? that little hint of herbiness was the secret ingredient we've all been waiting for.

RESTAURANT #11: brooklyn farmacy & soda fountain.

this place was just a cool experience. exactly like a soda place you'd see in any norman rockwell painting of something whimsical or thought-provoking or touching happening at a soda fountain place.

we tried the butterbeer & a lime ricky, i believe it was. that sip of butterbeer! i want to go back & get a full glass sometime.

happily crowding up the bus to the next location. the bus driver probably thought something like "oh crap" as he pulled up to the stop we were all waiting at. it was at this point in the day that the marathon group was the largest, i'd say.

RESTAURANT #12: mile end delicatessen.

loving poutine & life in general at the moment (because we were eating poutine):

yes those are pictures of captain james tiberius kirk & justin bieber:

it was here at mile end that we ordered two big things of poutine (which is a canadian dish consisting of french fries, cheese curds, gravy...& at mile end, HUGE CHUNKS of this pastrami-brisket something or other). it was warm, it was hearty, it was hands-down the best thing ANY of us had the ENTIRE food marathon. we're STILL talking about the poutine, & the marathon was several days ago.

& within seconds, it was gone-zo.

me & a few favorites subway-ing it to the next place:

catch you at food marathon post the third, coming soon!


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