Saturday, January 11, 2014


whoa. what with packing up & shipping out of southern california & then getting settled back into our daily routines of work & school here, it's suddenly been a long, long time since i've hit up this blog with some words & some pictures. which is sad & weird, because i've got this list of blog ideas on a post-it note in my planner (finally found a 2014 planner! remember my little ode to planners from this post?) & i just need to get around to doing them. in the meantime, let me catch you up with what's been going on in the little (& it really is little) world of my instagram feed lately.

"exercising in preparation for all the calories that will be happening tomorrow for yours truly" (this picture taken in palm desert the day before thanksgiving):

"a loaded plate and a heart full'a love. happy thanksgivinggggg"

"best friends/we're dating" 

"about to watch hunger games: catching fire with a two month old in tow, so, YES, may the odds be ever in our favor"

"these two, though, am i right?"

"the quack attack is back, jack! (translation: after being gone two and a half weeks, ben is home! only for the weekend, but still! also, name that movie)

"because homemade peppermint oreo milkshakes are a thing that needs to be documented this fine december night"

"sent this cheeky photo to ben the other day (he's in london right now), because if he gets to travel around the world, i get to shop"

"forgive the bathroom stalls in the background, but i just had to document this moment: I JUST FINISHED THE LAST CLASS OF MY MAS'TER'S PROGRAM! on to my thesis! the end is in sight!"

"me + jasper = <3 <3 <3"

"hello from london! (see the tower bridge behind us?) we've been loving it here, & ben is tolerant of my particularly bad impersonation of a british accent, so, winning all around :)?

"in front of westminster abbey after spending a delightfully long time just gaping at everything inside - i think this has become my favorite place in all of london?!"

"wishing you all a delightful christmas eve full of great dancing like this & general merry shenanigans"

"have a multi-dimensional day!"

"NAAAAAA SAVANNNNNYAAAAA no bette way to spend the last day of 2013 than with the lion king!"

"pausing from our bike ride along the santa monica beach"

"so...did we all know there are now "mega stuf" oreos? as in, oreos with even MORE filling than double stuf?!? this feels like big news to me, the mind can't even fathom."

"this is ben frandsen as a child, i repeat, THIS IS BEN FRANDSEN AS A CHILD."

"up close & personal with chocolate malts is arguably the best kind of up close & personal there is."

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