Thursday, January 2, 2014

new year's eve; new year's day.

this year, santa brought all of us luckies tickets to see "the lion king"at the pantages theater. i was so excited; "the lion king" is one show i've been wanting to see for a while (& i was remembering, during the show, how much i loved the movie when i was young - i first saw it [in the theater, which was always so exciting when you were a kid, right? still is, now that i mention it] at that perfect age where i just obsessed over it & memorized all the songs & watched it pretty often).

& santa did good, guys. santa did real good (thank you russ & christie!!). i was even surprised by how much i enjoyed it. the theater went dark, rafiki belts those famous opening notes (rafiki is played by a female on the stage) & suddenly the stage & aisles were alive with giraffes, elephants, gazelles, a particularly graceful was magical! i could feel myself, & the entire audience really, just giving in to the childlike wonder, to the colorful spectacle. maybe it's the genre of the music, but it's so powerful. soulful. i'm not really describing it very well, & i kinda want to stop trying because i feel like my exceptionally limited skills would never do the show justice. 

if you would like, you can see a video of what's it like HERE, & the entire cast recording is HERE, & i also noticed there were some behind-the-scenes videos on the youtubes as well, which would be interesting to explore.

in the halls of the theater they had the masks of mufasa, simba, nala, & scar. i really loved the mohawk-style of simba's. i just really liked simba overall (when he's older, that is. some of us agreed the actor playing kid simba was a tad annoying?):

& a few shots of the pantages theater, which was golden & impressive with lovely art deco touches, & it much larger than any space in new york's theater district, which surprisingly houses some surprisingly dinky theaters:

a few notables friends outside the theater:

the only baby we'll ever have is this "lion king" playbill, & so we proudly presented it to the 8 - 10 impatient people wanting us to just hurry up & take the &*$%^ picture so that they could get a picture of themselves in front of the big lit-up sign:

& now, a series of truly priceless photographs:

needless to say, the day was perfect. a perfect show with the best sort of people to see it with.

the next morning we rolled out of bed & headed over to watch the rose parade. some very kind people had saved prime real estate for us on the sidewalk in front of the LDS institute building (which just so happens to be on the parade route) so we cruised right on in & withstood the sun (for a while at least - i could feel my face burning by the end of the parade but who am i to complain when the burn came because the sun was shining on such good seats?) to watch. so now i've seen the rose parade! & can check it off the list.

the floats were actually incredibly impressive! & the majority of each one was comprised of thousands of little flowers. how much time do you think it took to cover even just this rosie the riveter background?? gorgeous:

at stuff like this, parades or something where there's something grand to look at, i do love taking pictures of the action - but i actually tend to gravitate more towards pictures of the reactions on peoples' faces to the action. if that makes sense. anyways, so i snuck a little & was able to get a few shots of the kiddos & aunts & uncles & parents & grandparents i was sitting next to. 

if you look closely you can see that most of this fish was made out of tiny, bright flowers. impressive!:

after having the sun beat down on us mercilessly, people started to come up with some creative coping mechanisms. ben's here, with the book in front of his face, is pretty tame, but a guy behind us tied some sort of blanket elaborately around his head like a fabulous turban! should have gotten a picture.

this was la canada's float! the basic idea was your average dog stealing your average dog catcher's car & driving off with it, while your average dog catcher ran to catch up. it was cute!

& of course taiwannnn:

the last float of the parade was this giant & football & tv, to usher in the event that is the rose bowl. dreams come true!

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