Tuesday, February 25, 2014

oscar thoughts 2014: best actress.

continuing in a series of my humble, nay, silly even, predictions of what might happen in some of the categories at the oscars this sunday, here are the best supporting actor & best supporting actress ones if you'd like to catch up. for now, i'm halfway (or one-thirds?) watching the bachelor, one-thirds doing some writing for school, & one-thirds writing this blog post. i can't wait for two-thirds of the things i just mentioned to be over, but i'll let you guess which ones those are. 

but tonight is best actress. here are the ladies:

amy adams in american hustle
cate blanchett in blue jasmine
sandra bullock in gravity
judi dench in philomena
meryl streep in august: osage county

who i think should win/who i kind of want to win: this is a tough one. i really enjoyed sandra bullock's performance in gravity, with her journey from delicate vulnerability to fighting for her life playing out on this grand backdrop of space. but judi dench in philomena was SO delightful! you just can't help but fall in love with her character & completely immerse yourself in her story. & then cate blanchett in blue jasmine. *sigh* you root for her character (while kind of disliking her at the same time), you totally feel uncomfortable about things her character does & the way she acts, you watch as she falls from rich hamptons socialite to a step above a crazy, wandering-the-streets bag lady...& it's mesmerizing. okay, i talked myself into it! i think cate blanchett should win, & i also kind of want her to win.

who will win...maybe: it seems like it's going to come down to either amy adams or cate blanchett who will take home the little gold man. while i didn't love american hustle, i mean, i thought amy adams was alright. she's won several awards this season for her role already, because let's be honest, american hustle has mostly been such a critical darling. but. i think cate blanchett is going to win. that's what i hope, at least.

photo (<<<that's actually a really great article to read about her performance, as well)

Sunday, February 23, 2014

happy birthday benjamin!

today, it's all about this guy êêêêêê

benjamin turns 27 today! we've been celebrating all weekend long, which is something i love to do. just ex-teeeennnnnndddd that party as long as possible. on friday we went out for sushi, & saturday night we went & saw the musical cinderella, which is funny, because i all night i was saying, "we're taking you to see cinderella for your birthday!" like he was a five year old girl or something. in actuality, it was coincidental that the cheapest tickets i found happened to be for the night before his birthday, but then we decided to make it kind of for his birthday, but then again, kind of not, because of the whole five year old girl thing.

anyway, i've compiled a list of TWENTY SEVEN reasons why i'm just madly in love with benjamin frandsen. it was simultaneously really easy to make the list...& really hard to make the list. because, how can you possibly outline specific reasons why you love someone? it's so hard to put into words. it just...is what it is! but at the same time, i could sit here for, well, a while listing reasons why i love ben. so this list is both deep & meaningful but also full of silly little reasons. so let's get started!

1. ben is the BEST TEXTER. just the best. he texts interesting things, updates throughout the day, he's funny, he responds quickly, after i leave for work he'll text me within minutes, just to see how i am. he's just a really good texter!

2. ben is a great texter, but he's also really funny about emoji (which is the app that let's you put little pictures in a text). he gets really stressed about sending the perfect/most appropriate text for a given situation, & we'll do little practices where i'll start with something easy & say, "okay, text me an emoji sequence of what you've done today." simple little drills that'll help him become more familiar with emoji. because he also claims that i'm better at emoji because i quote have some emoji pictures that he doesn't have, close quote.

3. i really don't like waking up in the mornings. it's by far the worst part of my day, every day (i'm very dramatic about it, as you can see). ben, sherlock holmes that he is, has somehow deduced this fact (i mean, okay, i may have grumbled about it a time or two while we've been married...) & he helps me wake up every morning & he's really quite sweet about it.

4. one of the things he does to help me wake up is just kind of lightly scratch/massage my back. it's like that whole idea of gradually waking up, instead of being awfully jerked awake by an alarm clock. it makes the entire process much more bearable. :)

5. ben is so faithful about writing an email to his family every week. he plans it into his sundays, & takes it just as seriously as he does his plans to "write that important email" or "complete that school assignment." 

5.5. ben really, really cherishes his relationship with his siblings. he thinks about them individually a lot, wonders how they're doing, worries/wonders about how to help them if they need it or how/when to reach out to them.

6. like many of her generation, my grandma (my dad's mom) isn't too huge on the email checking thing, so every few months ben will print out all his weekly family emails he has sent out, pops them in an envelope, & mails them to her.

7. my grandpa, my mom's dad, loves ben. like, nowadays he calls ben more than he calls me. & grandpa loves to chat with ben about his schoolwork, me (they always end up talking about my health? haha), the weather in nyc, sports, & more. ben is really great to take the time to speak with him (grandpa can get chatty :D ) & if ben misses grandpa d's call, he always calls back.

8. i love quoting movies & quizzing people as to what movie the quote is from. ben always plays with me. as in, he takes the time to sit there & legitimately think about what movie it could possibly be from.

8.5. ben absolutely slays with "the princess bride" movie quotes. he knows that movie backwards & forwards. i don't think i've ever gotten one of those past him. he also does amazingly well with the original "star wars," the 3 "indiana jones," & "o brother, where art thou?"

9. when ben is sitting in our front room reading in socks, he sits kind of pigeon-toed & rests his right foot on his left.

10. you know that gigantic feeling of satisfaction you feel when you recommend a book or a band to a friend & they end up loving it? ben is totally the friend that loves stuff you recommend. he's always down to read the books i suggest to him, the ones that have changed my life or have really resonated with me. after he reads a book i've suggested, we'll have a little book club & discuss it. he's also really picked up on a boatload of bands that i've loved, & now we listen to/love them together. & he totally has these new insights that i would never have noticed. just now, we're listening to the avett brothers, & he said, "they sing a lot about weather & the seasons, i've noticed." yep. i don't know if i ever would have noticed that. he's just got a really open, nonjudgmental heart & will listen to/read basically anything.

11. ben keeps me so interested, just, in life. he's always thinking about something funny or interesting & will share it with me. he's got this razor-sharp intellect that i really respect.

12. when we were dating, ben gave me a book called "the whole shay-bang: a compilation of poetry and attempts at poetry to celebrate shayla." it was a little book of poems he wrote about me, printed out, hole-punched, & bound together with string. it's the BEST. there are a good twenty poems in the little book. one is about my eyes, one is about this skirt i used to wear that had these blue lobsters on it...this book is already a precious heirloom.

13. whenever we sit on the couch watching a netflix or show or eating dinner, ben always lets me stretch out & put my legs across his lap.

14. ben's school is some complicated stuff. i have a really hard time understanding the sorts of experiments he does, the content of the papers he writes, etc. but i really want to be a part of it &, you know, know what it is that he does every day. so i ask a lot about what he does, & most of the time it's a repetition of something he's explained to me before, but he's always incredibly patient as he explains (& re-explains) his research & work.

15. ben has a lot of charity (or pity) & laughs at my jokes.

16. ben is so culturally inclined. he loves going to the philharmonic, to concerts & exhibits & so much more. this is especially evident when we travel.

17. ben is a genius. i mean, he's so incredibly smart.

18. when ben is incredibly focused on something, he breathes a certain way. as in, different than he normally breathes. it's hard to describe, but it usually makes itself manifest as he plays the piano or is typing something intense for school. 

19. i've been having some evolving thoughts about the way i view & practice my religion (all good things, all good things), & ben is an excellent sounding board & listener as i vocalize my new discoveries & thoughts.

20. ben is a feminist!

21. i love exercising with ben. it's really fun to go on runs together or ride bikes. also, he's really, really good about taking the time to exercise on his own, so that motivates me to get off my behind & go as well. 

22. ooh, that benny boy can be stubborn sometimes. gosh it drives me nuts. but he's still cute, while he does it, if that makes sense? man, if he doesn't want to do something, he won't. he doesn't cave in to me if he doesn't think the same way as me - we are able to disagree & have healthy, honest dialogue.

23. so snapchat is that app where you can send photos or short videos to friends, & they only last for a maximum of 10 seconds before they delete forever. several of my siblings & cousins (& ben) have snapchat & we'll send stuff to each other all day long. ben will often save up all of his snapchats & wait until i'm around so we can look at them together. it's often in bed, right before we go to sleep. it's a great part of the day - looking at pictures together from friends or each other.

24. ben has a love of travel, & luckily we're both of the mindset that we'll try & do whatever it takes so that we can have wonderful & inspiring travel experiences together.

25. ben is hilarious & also sometimes pretty buggin when he gets woken up. one time, when we were engaged, ben fell asleep out in the front room, & when my phone suddenly rang, he hopped up IMMEDIATELY & ran, i mean ran, into the hallway & back into the room i shared with my sister? for some reason? & these days, if he's asleep but i can't fall asleep & turn on a small light to read a little more, he'll kind of freak. he'll, like, toss & turn all dramatically (i'm positive that even though he claims he's "asleep," he knows what he's doing :) & pull the pillows over his head, & i'll think, "ooOOooookay homeboy, let's settle down." other times if i get up to go to the bathroom & slip back into bed, he'll quickly sit up ramrod straight or sometimes even rush & rumble & get out of bed & then just stand there until i say, "yep, come back to bed please!" & then i just silently giggle. it's so funny.

26. even though the papers i write for my program are quite long & usually uninteresting to everyone except my professor, ben always painstakingly proofreads the entire thing. every time!


27! for the last two months or so we were engaged, ben wrote a little lovey note to me every day & hid it somewhere for me to find. in my shoes, pockets of my backpack, a coat pocket, on the seat of the car...all over :)

if you've made it this far, congratulations! job well done! i would apologize for being a little bit wordy at times, but let's be honest, we should never have expected that not to happen. :) happy birthday ben! i love you crazy amounts!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

oscar thoughts 2014: best supporting actor.

the olympics have been such a good time (for everyone except, perhaps, the russians), but lest you forget that the oscars are coming up shortly after they're over...let this post remind you. we're talking oscars on the blog today (again). today's topic? best supporting actor. here are the players:

barkhad abdi in captain phillips
bradley cooper in american hustle
michael fassbender in twelve years a slave
jonah hill in the wolf of wall street
jared leto in dallas buyers club

who i think should win/who i kind of want to win: let me preface this by saying i haven't seen the wolf of wall street (& i don't plan on seeing it...ever) or dallas buyers club (i kind of would like to see it!). so i'm not making as FULLY informed a decision as i would be if i had seen all of them. but. michael fassbender was all sorts of unsettling in twelve years a slave. anytime he's around patsey you're just like, "get away don't touch her oh my gosh." when i experience a reaction that intense to a character on a screen, that's a job well done in my book. plus any way to get michael fassbender on screen MORE is something i would love to have happen a lot, & if he were to win, the camera would be on him as he walked to the stage, & as he's giving as speech, & i could just look at him the entire time. so that would be a good thing.

who will win...maybe: jared leto lost tons of weight & played someone who is transgender & HIV positive. this role screams oscar winner. & with all the accolades he's already received for it, i think this is jared leto's award to lose...& he won't. maybe? i don't know what i'm talking about.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

oscar thoughts 2014: best supporting actress.

as if actors didn't receive enough attention & love & pats-on-the-back from their glam squads, designers of all things haute couture, their instagram filters, & fans all across the world, they also dedicate about a month & a half or so to give attention, love, & pats-on-the-back...to each other. we're right in the heart of the 2014 awards season, folks, & the oscars is that proverbial cherry on top...& it's sort of around the corner! the thing is, folks, i'm so irked by the self-congratulatory air of actors & filmmakers in hollywood (whenever someone refers to acting as a "craft" i want to plunge my hand into my pillow & pull out all the stuffing, indiana jones style) but man, we're already planning on holding another oscar party at our house this year & i can't wait to see what ellen degeneres pulls out of her bag of jokes because dang it, this has been an amazing year for female hosts of awards shows. i hate that i get kind of into it all, but i do & i've admitted it, so there it is.

anyway, last year i did a few posts after the oscars aired, about this admittedly amazing bit incorporating the sound of music & christopher plummer that still holds up a year later, & jennifer lawrence's big fall that i've almost forgotten about because she's done a barrel full of omgsocutefunnyshewouldbemybestfriendinreallife stuff since then (don't get me wrong, i do like jennifer lawrence) that her fall now seems like a tiny scratch on the windshield of the career she's seemed to have made out of being the coolest girl on the block (i promise i like her!).

so this year i was thinking of doing a few posts, maybe, of some of the oscar categories & guessing who will win. i'm not an expert, at all, & i'm surprised if anyone is still reading this far into this post. & it's totally just my own tiniest little opinion in the world. but i think it's kind of fun, & i hate myself for thinking that it's fun. first up! best supporting actress. here are the players in this hunger games (see?? if i didn't like jennifer lawrence why would i make reference to the million dollar movie franchise she is the face of??):

sally hawkins in blue jasmine
jennifer lawrence in american hustle
lupita nyong'o in twelve years a slave
julia roberts in august: osage county
june squibb in nebraska

who i think should win/who i kind of want to win: oh gosh, i went & made all these jlaw references while totally forgetting that the post i'm doing features her category, so here we are talking about her even more! oh well, moving on. i haven't seen august or nebraska yet, but honestly, it seems like the race really boils down to jennifer lawrence & lupita nyong'o. each has beat the other at least once this season (while lupita has just been killing it, clothes-wise). but i watched blue jasmine on an airplane, & the whole time i thought, "i wonder if anyone is going to notice cate blanchett's sister from persuasion in this movie because she is SPECTACULAR." so. i kind of want her to win, i think she was great, & she had a really nice reaction to being nominated, but if i'm being honest, i don't think she will end up winning.

who will win....maybe: ooh. so tough. so if it were to come down to being between jennifer lawrence & lupita nyong'o...i loved patsey in twelve years a slave. suffering, powerful, sad, yet somehow still so regal. that entire movie! everything about it! it resonated with me so much more than american hustle did. that moment when all the slaves get pulled out of bed by michael fassbender's crazy character to dance at midnight? patsey was so, so beautiful to me. but ack, the oscars love jennifer lawrence & american hustle has been winning a lot!...but what the hey. she's already got an oscar. i think lupita nyong'o will win!

stay tuned for the next installment in this series that could come tomorrow or, like, next week. who knows?

Sunday, February 16, 2014

writing that thesis.

urg, i'm deep in the throes of writing that big fat thesis for my graduate program. if you're curious as to what i'm writing about, i'm comparing the theme of decay & redemption found in Medieval literature to that found in post-world war one, Modernist literature. so think, like, arthurian knights' quest for the holy grail rubbing shoulders with the lost generation. 

anyway, i've already got some good work done on it, but i just need to dig in & really target innovative infomediaries, e-enable seamless platforms, & generally innovate virtual architectures (do i sound all corporate- & business-speak-y? i got all these phrases from HERE [a generator that creates vague workspeak phrases by random selecting a word from three different categories, hee hee], which was originally found HERE the other day. PERFECT ways to describe thesis writing, in my opinion). in general, it's the sort of thing where the deadline is super far away, & i don't want to be the one who puts it off until the very last minute & is cramming it all in the night before...but i tend to get that way sometimes. but i don't want to. so i'm trying to motivate myself & continue synthesizing 24/365 e-services.

it all also reminds me of this quick [appropriate] clip from that show family guy, where stewie is talking to brian the dog about the novel the latter has apparently been working on/talking about for three years. it's probably - no, definitely - my favorite part in all of family guy episodes ever, because i relate to it so much. & his voice keeps getting higher & higher pitched?! perfection!

wish me luck as i enhance interactive functionalities!

Thursday, February 13, 2014

first aid kit.

a song to help you feel all cozy & capable mountain lady (or mountain man) & hopefully somewhat better about the awful winter we've having (well, at least the awful winter we're having here. we've officially had seventeen blizzards this winter...give or take one or two :). BUT--"the lion's roar" by first aid kit. judging from this one single photo i'm providing, how awesome of friends do they seem they would be to you, on a scale of one to five (five being some sort of combination of anna kendrick & rashida jones)? my number would be pretty high:


the more that i think about it, i might like this song by them even more:

so haunting. so good. such crystal clear harmony. their entire album (titled the lion's roar, should that be italicized, or in quotes, or...) is full of so many good things. happy listening!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

olympic observations.

1. so, shaun white. i can't be the only one who has noticed there's something a little different about him lately. still processing this one. your thoughts??

2. really loving the U.S.A. ice dancing couple charlie white & meryl davis. they're just so charming! his wild blonde ("blond" with no e? anyway) locks flinging around while he's on the ice kill me. i love it. have you seen their routine they did a few nights ago for the team event?? i loved it so, so much. i've been watching it maybe daily ever since. you can watch the whole thing HERE. it has set the record for, what does the link say, receiving "the highest score recorded in a free skate event." that's pretty awesome!

he also very much looks like steve zahn to me, which is also a delightful thing to think about while he's skating. imagine it's steve zahn & it's glorious. do you see it? please tell me you see it. it's okay if you don't, i guess. lemme try & set up a side-by-side here:



anyway, you can learn more about the duo (charlie & meryl, not charlie & steve) HERE. & HERE is a fun Q&A they did. & the best part is they're really good & favored to win gold in the individual competition. or whatever it is called. i admit i, like everyone else, totally wish they were dating or that he were secretly in love with her & ends up confessing it right before they go on the ice to do their gold medal-winning routine, but i also admit i've seen the cutting edge since childhood/way too many times. but THIS SCENE. & apparently charlie is dating someone else. gossip!

3. U.S. luger kate hansen's warm-up routine. you do you, girlfran! her twitter account is kind of fun for a scroll-through as well: k8ertotz (kate is LDS & from ben's home congregation in la canada, california! fun).

4. bob costas got that crazy eye infection & had to step away from the olympics primetime reporter's desk he's occupied since the eighties to recover a little! crazy! someone came up with a fashionable solution:

poor guy. maybe he accidentally washed his face with the water in the russian hotels?

happy viewing!

Sunday, February 9, 2014

our weekend.

as i'm sitting here watching the olympics, thinking back on it all, this last weekend felt particularly packed full of fun things. maybe if i actually start writing it all out it won't feel as fun, but i suppose that's a risk i'll have to take. & we didn't pull out our good camera once all weekend, so we'll slog through with iphone photos.

on friday night we had a youth activity. ben & i are the "mission leaders" of the manhattan training center, or "MTC." it's for all the 16-18 year olds in manhattan. anyway, this last week we had a devotional-type meeting & skyped with a judge on the u.s. court of appeals in washington, d.c. judge griffith was very funny & instantly connected with the youth. you can read more about the activity HERE.

after the activity ben & i grabbed food at carmine's, which is an italian restaurant on the upper west side (there's also one near times square, but we avoid that trap at all costs). we tried eating at carmine's a few weeks ago, & just cruised on in (even with me knowing that you've got to make reservations if you want to not wait an hour for a table) & sure enough, the wait was an hour. so this time i was a little more prepared & made a reservation earlier in the day.

carmine's is family-style, so we ordered just one plate for the two of us, & even then, we didn't even finish half of what we ordered. there was so much seafood pasta. we're still eating leftovers. the amazing stuffed mushrooms that we gobbled down first probably didn't help in clearing up room in our stomachs:

for some reason these pictures don't accurately indicate how much food there actually was that night:

the next morning i saw the movie labor day with some friends. it was a perfect movie to see without husbands, which was exactly what we did. the verdict? it was fine, not great, fun to see with girlfriends, & JOSH BROLIN NEEDS TO BE THE LEAD MALE IN MORE ROMANTIC FILMS. how has he only been in, like, tons of action films over the years??

after the movie i wanted to pick up something at b&h, which is this gigantic technology store on 34th. it's this intense store that sells any sort of electronic device you could ever think of, ever, & you have to check your bag at the door & the item you want comes in on this conveyor belt, & then it goes to this other conveyor belt where it's bagged, & then another conveyor belt brings it downstairs to the cash register, & overall it's just this really intense, funny experience. & almost EVERYONE who works there is an orthodox jew. i almost want to bring visitors there when they come, because it's just such an important experience to have...if that makes sense. anyway, i went there, & it's a saturday, so of course this sign greets me at the door: 

should have seen that coming.

so this morning we went to church & i wore this fox sweater. in the afternoon we went & saw matilda! i've been wanting to see it for a while & i'm glad we found some good (& by "good" i mean "reasonably priced") tickets!

the show is amazing. cute. magical! as my 9th grade history teacher would say whenever someone asked him if he had seen a recent movie & he had, indeed, seen it: "it was a good show." i loved the way they used the set, & props, & all the books & scrabble-type letters (that i took a picture of, you'll see below) & miss trunchbull was actually a man a la tracy turnblatt's mom in hairspray, & the use of children was perfect, as were their delightful british accents. the songs had clever lyrics & it was fun! it was all just so fun. we loved it. below is a medley of songs the cast performed at the tony awards last year.

here is a picture of the set i took before the show started. sadly, this photo doesn't capture all the 3D amazingness of the scrabble blocks reaching to the ceiling, so we can just imagine:

tonight we hiked over to central park north & 110th (in the snow! worth it) for the birthday party of a friend. this was the huge pile of coats & boots people left by the door, & i thought it was funny. it's allliiiiiive:

hope you had a good weekend, wherever you are!

city snow.

bill cunningham is just the cutest. my friend shared this fun little video on her wall that he did about men in their work shoes lunge across huge puddles of melted snow. as i watched this, ben sidled up next to me & after watching for a few seconds & said, "yep. i'm guilty of that." haha! take a look:

the documentary about him is equally delightful.

also - this news clip is hilarious. it's called "runner eats it immediately after interview about running in snow." it's a good one.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

nyc food marathon part 3.

okay! time to wrap up the food marathon that was now, what, 2 weekends ago i believe? it was around this point in the day that it started snowing - & sticking. i said it once, & i'll say it again - THIS all the day long. let's forge ahead! (catch up on all things food marathon part 1 HERE & part 2 HERE).

RESTAURANT #13: best pizza in brooklyn.

this place was cool - loud hip hop music that inspired several marathoners to bust out their best dance moves, & plates covering all four walls AND the ceiling that patrons had decorated.

it's pretty bold to declare your restaurant the "best" of something, & make it, like, the official name of the establishment, but this pizza was actually really, really good.

of course, we couldn't leave without working up a plate of our own - decorated by yours truly, actually! i drew a skyline up top, then the words "nyc food marathon" & "26.2 restaurants" etc. etc. after that. you'll see a picture of it in a second. & then we all signed it. this was a good place to do it at, because our group was the largest around this time of the marathon - like the 13 mile mark, you could say? :)

& there's our plate, in a position of honor on the wall. so! if you ever go get some best pizza in brooklyn, turn to the right after walking in - you'll see our plate proudly waving like a banner. actually it's more stationery, tacked directly onto the wall, but it's there, doggone it.

we then made our way over to smorgasburg, which is also in brooklyn. it's this big get-together that happens every saturday & sunday in brooklyn where all these local restaurants come & you can try a bunch of different food, all in one place. i love it. in the summer they're outside, right by the water, but during these winter months they're inside, in this awesome renovated factory. 

RESTAURANT #14: ramen burger

oh ramen burger. where the streets are lined with gold & THE BUNS ARE MADE OF RAMEN. move over, cronut (an nyc foodie fad that is also delicious)!

"go ramen! go life!" i can get behind that.

a few marathoners didn't like the ramen burger so much (maybe it was because they had run out of meat, & we had to go over to a taco stand & borrow some meat from them to put in between the buns made out of ramen noodles), but i thought it was pretty yummy. i want to take ben back so he can try. 

RESTAURANT #15: peter pan donut & pastry shop. this place was a bit more hole-in-the-wall, kind of, one of those bakeries you can tell has been there a while. i personally wish they had maybe cashed in more on the "peter pan" theme with some, like, images of peter pan, or vintage copies of the j.m. barrie book, or something, but as a fairly recent convert to all things minimalist, i can also understand the approach they took to the way the bakery actually is.

there were these cream-filled coconut donuts that were great. the red velvet ones were also particularly delightful.

you can see the red velvet donut in the bottom right corner:

clipboard, our fearless leader:

a giant exodus took place right after peter pan. about half our group left. conversely, ben met up with us for the second time after peter pan.

picture of a picture being taken:

yes, that is snow you're seeing:

RESTAURANT #16: rio market, a brazilian grocery store in...queens, i want to say?

we ordered these yummy bread balls. there might have been cheese in the middle, if i'm remembering correctly.

RESTAURANT #17: artopolis for some baklava. notice how dark it has gotten by this point?? we went all day long. dedication!

RESTAURANT #18: sri pra phai, a thai place in queens. by now our numbers had dwindled to about 8 or so. some people ordered full plates, but some of us wanted to continue the trend & just order a small thing to share. we ordered this cold bamboo salad-type thing that was in the fridge by the entrance, & i hate to say it, but i thought it was gross. which is sad, because i bet lots of other stuff there is good & i love thai food.

i didn't even take a picture of the food. ha! whoops.

RESTAURANT #19: jollibee, which is this filipino fast food place in queens. have you ever had filipino fast food?? i never had before!...it was nuts!

we took a few pictures with the giant bee outside the restaurant. we three were the only girls left! we took a few tired, sad face pictures to show how tired we were after going all day, & i thought we were still doing those faces in this picture. i somehow missed the memo that we had moved on to smiles. haha:

ben & i ordered a place of chicken fingers & fries. they were alright.

let's all pause for a moment to think about "meatiest, cheesiest, spaghettiest"!

it was at this point that ben & i called it a night. i started at 8 in the morning (a wake up time of 7 am, on a saturday, yikes), made it through 4 boroughs (the rest of the group, five or six at that point, hit up all the bronx places after we left), & tried out 19 different restaurants. & i wasn't full, & didn't feel disgusting! as steph said all day long, this was definitely a one time thing. i can see myself doing a 10k in the future (ben & i do love food crawls, after all!), but for this one crazy day, it was awesome. & that concludes my coverage of nyc food marathon 2014! (in a final note: sporadically throughout the day, i would burst out singing: "marathon two thousand four-teen!" to the exact tune of "treat yo self two thousand 'leven!" as found in seconds three through five of this brilliant clip). & thus i end my epistle.


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