Thursday, February 13, 2014

first aid kit.

a song to help you feel all cozy & capable mountain lady (or mountain man) & hopefully somewhat better about the awful winter we've having (well, at least the awful winter we're having here. we've officially had seventeen blizzards this winter...give or take one or two :). BUT--"the lion's roar" by first aid kit. judging from this one single photo i'm providing, how awesome of friends do they seem they would be to you, on a scale of one to five (five being some sort of combination of anna kendrick & rashida jones)? my number would be pretty high:


the more that i think about it, i might like this song by them even more:

so haunting. so good. such crystal clear harmony. their entire album (titled the lion's roar, should that be italicized, or in quotes, or...) is full of so many good things. happy listening!

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