Sunday, February 23, 2014

happy birthday benjamin!

today, it's all about this guy êêêêêê

benjamin turns 27 today! we've been celebrating all weekend long, which is something i love to do. just ex-teeeennnnnndddd that party as long as possible. on friday we went out for sushi, & saturday night we went & saw the musical cinderella, which is funny, because i all night i was saying, "we're taking you to see cinderella for your birthday!" like he was a five year old girl or something. in actuality, it was coincidental that the cheapest tickets i found happened to be for the night before his birthday, but then we decided to make it kind of for his birthday, but then again, kind of not, because of the whole five year old girl thing.

anyway, i've compiled a list of TWENTY SEVEN reasons why i'm just madly in love with benjamin frandsen. it was simultaneously really easy to make the list...& really hard to make the list. because, how can you possibly outline specific reasons why you love someone? it's so hard to put into words. it what it is! but at the same time, i could sit here for, well, a while listing reasons why i love ben. so this list is both deep & meaningful but also full of silly little reasons. so let's get started!

1. ben is the BEST TEXTER. just the best. he texts interesting things, updates throughout the day, he's funny, he responds quickly, after i leave for work he'll text me within minutes, just to see how i am. he's just a really good texter!

2. ben is a great texter, but he's also really funny about emoji (which is the app that let's you put little pictures in a text). he gets really stressed about sending the perfect/most appropriate text for a given situation, & we'll do little practices where i'll start with something easy & say, "okay, text me an emoji sequence of what you've done today." simple little drills that'll help him become more familiar with emoji. because he also claims that i'm better at emoji because i quote have some emoji pictures that he doesn't have, close quote.

3. i really don't like waking up in the mornings. it's by far the worst part of my day, every day (i'm very dramatic about it, as you can see). ben, sherlock holmes that he is, has somehow deduced this fact (i mean, okay, i may have grumbled about it a time or two while we've been married...) & he helps me wake up every morning & he's really quite sweet about it.

4. one of the things he does to help me wake up is just kind of lightly scratch/massage my back. it's like that whole idea of gradually waking up, instead of being awfully jerked awake by an alarm clock. it makes the entire process much more bearable. :)

5. ben is so faithful about writing an email to his family every week. he plans it into his sundays, & takes it just as seriously as he does his plans to "write that important email" or "complete that school assignment." 

5.5. ben really, really cherishes his relationship with his siblings. he thinks about them individually a lot, wonders how they're doing, worries/wonders about how to help them if they need it or how/when to reach out to them.

6. like many of her generation, my grandma (my dad's mom) isn't too huge on the email checking thing, so every few months ben will print out all his weekly family emails he has sent out, pops them in an envelope, & mails them to her.

7. my grandpa, my mom's dad, loves ben. like, nowadays he calls ben more than he calls me. & grandpa loves to chat with ben about his schoolwork, me (they always end up talking about my health? haha), the weather in nyc, sports, & more. ben is really great to take the time to speak with him (grandpa can get chatty :D ) & if ben misses grandpa d's call, he always calls back.

8. i love quoting movies & quizzing people as to what movie the quote is from. ben always plays with me. as in, he takes the time to sit there & legitimately think about what movie it could possibly be from.

8.5. ben absolutely slays with "the princess bride" movie quotes. he knows that movie backwards & forwards. i don't think i've ever gotten one of those past him. he also does amazingly well with the original "star wars," the 3 "indiana jones," & "o brother, where art thou?"

9. when ben is sitting in our front room reading in socks, he sits kind of pigeon-toed & rests his right foot on his left.

10. you know that gigantic feeling of satisfaction you feel when you recommend a book or a band to a friend & they end up loving it? ben is totally the friend that loves stuff you recommend. he's always down to read the books i suggest to him, the ones that have changed my life or have really resonated with me. after he reads a book i've suggested, we'll have a little book club & discuss it. he's also really picked up on a boatload of bands that i've loved, & now we listen to/love them together. & he totally has these new insights that i would never have noticed. just now, we're listening to the avett brothers, & he said, "they sing a lot about weather & the seasons, i've noticed." yep. i don't know if i ever would have noticed that. he's just got a really open, nonjudgmental heart & will listen to/read basically anything.

11. ben keeps me so interested, just, in life. he's always thinking about something funny or interesting & will share it with me. he's got this razor-sharp intellect that i really respect.

12. when we were dating, ben gave me a book called "the whole shay-bang: a compilation of poetry and attempts at poetry to celebrate shayla." it was a little book of poems he wrote about me, printed out, hole-punched, & bound together with string. it's the BEST. there are a good twenty poems in the little book. one is about my eyes, one is about this skirt i used to wear that had these blue lobsters on it...this book is already a precious heirloom.

13. whenever we sit on the couch watching a netflix or show or eating dinner, ben always lets me stretch out & put my legs across his lap.

14. ben's school is some complicated stuff. i have a really hard time understanding the sorts of experiments he does, the content of the papers he writes, etc. but i really want to be a part of it &, you know, know what it is that he does every day. so i ask a lot about what he does, & most of the time it's a repetition of something he's explained to me before, but he's always incredibly patient as he explains (& re-explains) his research & work.

15. ben has a lot of charity (or pity) & laughs at my jokes.

16. ben is so culturally inclined. he loves going to the philharmonic, to concerts & exhibits & so much more. this is especially evident when we travel.

17. ben is a genius. i mean, he's so incredibly smart.

18. when ben is incredibly focused on something, he breathes a certain way. as in, different than he normally breathes. it's hard to describe, but it usually makes itself manifest as he plays the piano or is typing something intense for school. 

19. i've been having some evolving thoughts about the way i view & practice my religion (all good things, all good things), & ben is an excellent sounding board & listener as i vocalize my new discoveries & thoughts.

20. ben is a feminist!

21. i love exercising with ben. it's really fun to go on runs together or ride bikes. also, he's really, really good about taking the time to exercise on his own, so that motivates me to get off my behind & go as well. 

22. ooh, that benny boy can be stubborn sometimes. gosh it drives me nuts. but he's still cute, while he does it, if that makes sense? man, if he doesn't want to do something, he won't. he doesn't cave in to me if he doesn't think the same way as me - we are able to disagree & have healthy, honest dialogue.

23. so snapchat is that app where you can send photos or short videos to friends, & they only last for a maximum of 10 seconds before they delete forever. several of my siblings & cousins (& ben) have snapchat & we'll send stuff to each other all day long. ben will often save up all of his snapchats & wait until i'm around so we can look at them together. it's often in bed, right before we go to sleep. it's a great part of the day - looking at pictures together from friends or each other.

24. ben has a love of travel, & luckily we're both of the mindset that we'll try & do whatever it takes so that we can have wonderful & inspiring travel experiences together.

25. ben is hilarious & also sometimes pretty buggin when he gets woken up. one time, when we were engaged, ben fell asleep out in the front room, & when my phone suddenly rang, he hopped up IMMEDIATELY & ran, i mean ran, into the hallway & back into the room i shared with my sister? for some reason? & these days, if he's asleep but i can't fall asleep & turn on a small light to read a little more, he'll kind of freak. he'll, like, toss & turn all dramatically (i'm positive that even though he claims he's "asleep," he knows what he's doing :) & pull the pillows over his head, & i'll think, "ooOOooookay homeboy, let's settle down." other times if i get up to go to the bathroom & slip back into bed, he'll quickly sit up ramrod straight or sometimes even rush & rumble & get out of bed & then just stand there until i say, "yep, come back to bed please!" & then i just silently giggle. it's so funny.

26. even though the papers i write for my program are quite long & usually uninteresting to everyone except my professor, ben always painstakingly proofreads the entire thing. every time!


27! for the last two months or so we were engaged, ben wrote a little lovey note to me every day & hid it somewhere for me to find. in my shoes, pockets of my backpack, a coat pocket, on the seat of the car...all over :)

if you've made it this far, congratulations! job well done! i would apologize for being a little bit wordy at times, but let's be honest, we should never have expected that not to happen. :) happy birthday ben! i love you crazy amounts!

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