Tuesday, February 4, 2014

nyc food marathon part 3.

okay! time to wrap up the food marathon that was now, what, 2 weekends ago i believe? it was around this point in the day that it started snowing - & sticking. i said it once, & i'll say it again - THIS all the day long. let's forge ahead! (catch up on all things food marathon part 1 HERE & part 2 HERE).

RESTAURANT #13: best pizza in brooklyn.

this place was cool - loud hip hop music that inspired several marathoners to bust out their best dance moves, & plates covering all four walls AND the ceiling that patrons had decorated.

it's pretty bold to declare your restaurant the "best" of something, & make it, like, the official name of the establishment, but this pizza was actually really, really good.

of course, we couldn't leave without working up a plate of our own - decorated by yours truly, actually! i drew a skyline up top, then the words "nyc food marathon" & "26.2 restaurants" etc. etc. after that. you'll see a picture of it in a second. & then we all signed it. this was a good place to do it at, because our group was the largest around this time of the marathon - like the 13 mile mark, you could say? :)

& there's our plate, in a position of honor on the wall. so! if you ever go get some best pizza in brooklyn, turn to the right after walking in - you'll see our plate proudly waving like a banner. actually it's more stationery, tacked directly onto the wall, but it's there, doggone it.

we then made our way over to smorgasburg, which is also in brooklyn. it's this big get-together that happens every saturday & sunday in brooklyn where all these local restaurants come & you can try a bunch of different food, all in one place. i love it. in the summer they're outside, right by the water, but during these winter months they're inside, in this awesome renovated factory. 

RESTAURANT #14: ramen burger

oh ramen burger. where the streets are lined with gold & THE BUNS ARE MADE OF RAMEN. move over, cronut (an nyc foodie fad that is also delicious)!

"go ramen! go life!" i can get behind that.

a few marathoners didn't like the ramen burger so much (maybe it was because they had run out of meat, & we had to go over to a taco stand & borrow some meat from them to put in between the buns made out of ramen noodles), but i thought it was pretty yummy. i want to take ben back so he can try. 

RESTAURANT #15: peter pan donut & pastry shop. this place was a bit more hole-in-the-wall, kind of, one of those bakeries you can tell has been there a while. i personally wish they had maybe cashed in more on the "peter pan" theme with some, like, images of peter pan, or vintage copies of the j.m. barrie book, or something, but as a fairly recent convert to all things minimalist, i can also understand the approach they took to the way the bakery actually is.

there were these cream-filled coconut donuts that were great. the red velvet ones were also particularly delightful.

you can see the red velvet donut in the bottom right corner:

clipboard, our fearless leader:

a giant exodus took place right after peter pan. about half our group left. conversely, ben met up with us for the second time after peter pan.

picture of a picture being taken:

yes, that is snow you're seeing:

RESTAURANT #16: rio market, a brazilian grocery store in...queens, i want to say?

we ordered these yummy bread balls. there might have been cheese in the middle, if i'm remembering correctly.

RESTAURANT #17: artopolis for some baklava. notice how dark it has gotten by this point?? we went all day long. dedication!

RESTAURANT #18: sri pra phai, a thai place in queens. by now our numbers had dwindled to about 8 or so. some people ordered full plates, but some of us wanted to continue the trend & just order a small thing to share. we ordered this cold bamboo salad-type thing that was in the fridge by the entrance, & i hate to say it, but i thought it was gross. which is sad, because i bet lots of other stuff there is good & i love thai food.

i didn't even take a picture of the food. ha! whoops.

RESTAURANT #19: jollibee, which is this filipino fast food place in queens. have you ever had filipino fast food?? i never had before!...it was nuts!

we took a few pictures with the giant bee outside the restaurant. we three were the only girls left! we took a few tired, sad face pictures to show how tired we were after going all day, & i thought we were still doing those faces in this picture. i somehow missed the memo that we had moved on to smiles. haha:

ben & i ordered a place of chicken fingers & fries. they were alright.

let's all pause for a moment to think about "meatiest, cheesiest, spaghettiest"!

it was at this point that ben & i called it a night. i started at 8 in the morning (a wake up time of 7 am, on a saturday, yikes), made it through 4 boroughs (the rest of the group, five or six at that point, hit up all the bronx places after we left), & tried out 19 different restaurants. & i wasn't full, & didn't feel disgusting! as steph said all day long, this was definitely a one time thing. i can see myself doing a 10k in the future (ben & i do love food crawls, after all!), but for this one crazy day, it was awesome. & that concludes my coverage of nyc food marathon 2014! (in a final note: sporadically throughout the day, i would burst out singing: "marathon two thousand four-teen!" to the exact tune of "treat yo self two thousand 'leven!" as found in seconds three through five of this brilliant clip). & thus i end my epistle.

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