Tuesday, February 18, 2014

oscar thoughts 2014: best supporting actress.

as if actors didn't receive enough attention & love & pats-on-the-back from their glam squads, designers of all things haute couture, their instagram filters, & fans all across the world, they also dedicate about a month & a half or so to give attention, love, & pats-on-the-back...to each other. we're right in the heart of the 2014 awards season, folks, & the oscars is that proverbial cherry on top...& it's sort of around the corner! the thing is, folks, i'm so irked by the self-congratulatory air of actors & filmmakers in hollywood (whenever someone refers to acting as a "craft" i want to plunge my hand into my pillow & pull out all the stuffing, indiana jones style) but man, we're already planning on holding another oscar party at our house this year & i can't wait to see what ellen degeneres pulls out of her bag of jokes because dang it, this has been an amazing year for female hosts of awards shows. i hate that i get kind of into it all, but i do & i've admitted it, so there it is.

anyway, last year i did a few posts after the oscars aired, about this admittedly amazing bit incorporating the sound of music & christopher plummer that still holds up a year later, & jennifer lawrence's big fall that i've almost forgotten about because she's done a barrel full of omgsocutefunnyshewouldbemybestfriendinreallife stuff since then (don't get me wrong, i do like jennifer lawrence) that her fall now seems like a tiny scratch on the windshield of the career she's seemed to have made out of being the coolest girl on the block (i promise i like her!).

so this year i was thinking of doing a few posts, maybe, of some of the oscar categories & guessing who will win. i'm not an expert, at all, & i'm surprised if anyone is still reading this far into this post. & it's totally just my own tiniest little opinion in the world. but i think it's kind of fun, & i hate myself for thinking that it's fun. first up! best supporting actress. here are the players in this hunger games (see?? if i didn't like jennifer lawrence why would i make reference to the million dollar movie franchise she is the face of??):

sally hawkins in blue jasmine
jennifer lawrence in american hustle
lupita nyong'o in twelve years a slave
julia roberts in august: osage county
june squibb in nebraska

who i think should win/who i kind of want to win: oh gosh, i went & made all these jlaw references while totally forgetting that the post i'm doing features her category, so here we are talking about her even more! oh well, moving on. i haven't seen august or nebraska yet, but honestly, it seems like the race really boils down to jennifer lawrence & lupita nyong'o. each has beat the other at least once this season (while lupita has just been killing it, clothes-wise). but i watched blue jasmine on an airplane, & the whole time i thought, "i wonder if anyone is going to notice cate blanchett's sister from persuasion in this movie because she is SPECTACULAR." so. i kind of want her to win, i think she was great, & she had a really nice reaction to being nominated, but if i'm being honest, i don't think she will end up winning.

who will win....maybe: ooh. so tough. so if it were to come down to being between jennifer lawrence & lupita nyong'o...i loved patsey in twelve years a slave. suffering, powerful, sad, yet somehow still so regal. that entire movie! everything about it! it resonated with me so much more than american hustle did. that moment when all the slaves get pulled out of bed by michael fassbender's crazy character to dance at midnight? patsey was so, so beautiful to me. but ack, the oscars love jennifer lawrence & american hustle has been winning a lot!...but what the hey. she's already got an oscar. i think lupita nyong'o will win!

stay tuned for the next installment in this series that could come tomorrow or, like, next week. who knows?


  1. Ok this is not a hater comment what so ever. This is a "I need some different perspective" comments. So, I love movies. love love love. I have a hard time not watching my favorite ones, even if they are R rated. How do you juggle the mormonism, R rated movie thing? Do you just watch what you want to watch? Usually I will watch an R rated movie if I think it will be beautiful or uplifting or very real and inspiring or whatever....but not if it's Bad Grandpa or something like that. Anyway. This comment is rambling and I really wanted to see 12 years a slave but had an inner struggle over it so perspective?

    1. That's a really good question, about a methodology Ben & I are continuing to tweak ("tweaking" here being the way it's used in "You've Got Mail"...ha). Our approach is very, very similar to yours - I enjoy watching R rateds that will uplift or inspire me or generally leave a good feeling in my heart after, not an "ick" feeling. If we see an R rater in the theater, we'll often do quite a bit of research beforehand so even before we go we kind of know what bad things to expect, so it doesn't just sneak up on us out of nowhere. & then during awards season, if there's an R that's been getting a ton of buzz & is up for awards, I like to see it just so I can know what everyone is talking about & because, like I said, awards seasons are kinda fun & I like making informed decisions when I guess (usually incorrectly) who's going to win. But that doesn't go for all nominated films - I have no interest in seeing "Wolf of Wall St" even though it's been getting all this buzz & I never want to see it ever, ever. I just know I'll feel gross. Even "American Hustle" I was a little more on the fence with, but I like the director & a lot of the actors in it so I thought I'd go for it. I had read enough about "12 Years" to know it would be beautiful & real, & really resonate with me - & it did. The scenes of violence did not feel gratuitous, & yes there were scenes that were heavy, & hard to watch, but it felt like it was necessary in the storytelling process & not just, you know, thrown in there to shock, like so much sex & violence in movies is. I didn't have an "ick" feeling about myself after viewing it, it was definitely inspiring. Oh my gosh. This is SO long. I hope it helps answer your question a little bit, though!

    2. Totally totally does. I feel the same way! Maybe I will finally bite the bullet and see "Her." Researching is a great idea....we actually rented "The Master" at the library on a wild hare...and oh my gosh. Turned that sucker off within 10 minutes. Definitely pays to do some home work first.



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