Wednesday, February 19, 2014

oscar thoughts 2014: best supporting actor.

the olympics have been such a good time (for everyone except, perhaps, the russians), but lest you forget that the oscars are coming up shortly after they're over...let this post remind you. we're talking oscars on the blog today (again). today's topic? best supporting actor. here are the players:

barkhad abdi in captain phillips
bradley cooper in american hustle
michael fassbender in twelve years a slave
jonah hill in the wolf of wall street
jared leto in dallas buyers club

who i think should win/who i kind of want to win: let me preface this by saying i haven't seen the wolf of wall street (& i don't plan on seeing it...ever) or dallas buyers club (i kind of would like to see it!). so i'm not making as FULLY informed a decision as i would be if i had seen all of them. but. michael fassbender was all sorts of unsettling in twelve years a slave. anytime he's around patsey you're just like, "get away don't touch her oh my gosh." when i experience a reaction that intense to a character on a screen, that's a job well done in my book. plus any way to get michael fassbender on screen MORE is something i would love to have happen a lot, & if he were to win, the camera would be on him as he walked to the stage, & as he's giving as speech, & i could just look at him the entire time. so that would be a good thing.

who will win...maybe: jared leto lost tons of weight & played someone who is transgender & HIV positive. this role screams oscar winner. & with all the accolades he's already received for it, i think this is jared leto's award to lose...& he won't. maybe? i don't know what i'm talking about.

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