Sunday, February 9, 2014

our weekend.

as i'm sitting here watching the olympics, thinking back on it all, this last weekend felt particularly packed full of fun things. maybe if i actually start writing it all out it won't feel as fun, but i suppose that's a risk i'll have to take. & we didn't pull out our good camera once all weekend, so we'll slog through with iphone photos.

on friday night we had a youth activity. ben & i are the "mission leaders" of the manhattan training center, or "MTC." it's for all the 16-18 year olds in manhattan. anyway, this last week we had a devotional-type meeting & skyped with a judge on the u.s. court of appeals in washington, d.c. judge griffith was very funny & instantly connected with the youth. you can read more about the activity HERE.

after the activity ben & i grabbed food at carmine's, which is an italian restaurant on the upper west side (there's also one near times square, but we avoid that trap at all costs). we tried eating at carmine's a few weeks ago, & just cruised on in (even with me knowing that you've got to make reservations if you want to not wait an hour for a table) & sure enough, the wait was an hour. so this time i was a little more prepared & made a reservation earlier in the day.

carmine's is family-style, so we ordered just one plate for the two of us, & even then, we didn't even finish half of what we ordered. there was so much seafood pasta. we're still eating leftovers. the amazing stuffed mushrooms that we gobbled down first probably didn't help in clearing up room in our stomachs:

for some reason these pictures don't accurately indicate how much food there actually was that night:

the next morning i saw the movie labor day with some friends. it was a perfect movie to see without husbands, which was exactly what we did. the verdict? it was fine, not great, fun to see with girlfriends, & JOSH BROLIN NEEDS TO BE THE LEAD MALE IN MORE ROMANTIC FILMS. how has he only been in, like, tons of action films over the years??

after the movie i wanted to pick up something at b&h, which is this gigantic technology store on 34th. it's this intense store that sells any sort of electronic device you could ever think of, ever, & you have to check your bag at the door & the item you want comes in on this conveyor belt, & then it goes to this other conveyor belt where it's bagged, & then another conveyor belt brings it downstairs to the cash register, & overall it's just this really intense, funny experience. & almost EVERYONE who works there is an orthodox jew. i almost want to bring visitors there when they come, because it's just such an important experience to have...if that makes sense. anyway, i went there, & it's a saturday, so of course this sign greets me at the door: 

should have seen that coming.

so this morning we went to church & i wore this fox sweater. in the afternoon we went & saw matilda! i've been wanting to see it for a while & i'm glad we found some good (& by "good" i mean "reasonably priced") tickets!

the show is amazing. cute. magical! as my 9th grade history teacher would say whenever someone asked him if he had seen a recent movie & he had, indeed, seen it: "it was a good show." i loved the way they used the set, & props, & all the books & scrabble-type letters (that i took a picture of, you'll see below) & miss trunchbull was actually a man a la tracy turnblatt's mom in hairspray, & the use of children was perfect, as were their delightful british accents. the songs had clever lyrics & it was fun! it was all just so fun. we loved it. below is a medley of songs the cast performed at the tony awards last year.

here is a picture of the set i took before the show started. sadly, this photo doesn't capture all the 3D amazingness of the scrabble blocks reaching to the ceiling, so we can just imagine:

tonight we hiked over to central park north & 110th (in the snow! worth it) for the birthday party of a friend. this was the huge pile of coats & boots people left by the door, & i thought it was funny. it's allliiiiiive:

hope you had a good weekend, wherever you are!

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