Sunday, February 16, 2014

writing that thesis.

urg, i'm deep in the throes of writing that big fat thesis for my graduate program. if you're curious as to what i'm writing about, i'm comparing the theme of decay & redemption found in Medieval literature to that found in post-world war one, Modernist literature. so think, like, arthurian knights' quest for the holy grail rubbing shoulders with the lost generation. 

anyway, i've already got some good work done on it, but i just need to dig in & really target innovative infomediaries, e-enable seamless platforms, & generally innovate virtual architectures (do i sound all corporate- & business-speak-y? i got all these phrases from HERE [a generator that creates vague workspeak phrases by random selecting a word from three different categories, hee hee], which was originally found HERE the other day. PERFECT ways to describe thesis writing, in my opinion). in general, it's the sort of thing where the deadline is super far away, & i don't want to be the one who puts it off until the very last minute & is cramming it all in the night before...but i tend to get that way sometimes. but i don't want to. so i'm trying to motivate myself & continue synthesizing 24/365 e-services.

it all also reminds me of this quick [appropriate] clip from that show family guy, where stewie is talking to brian the dog about the novel the latter has apparently been working on/talking about for three years. it's probably - no, definitely - my favorite part in all of family guy episodes ever, because i relate to it so much. & his voice keeps getting higher & higher pitched?! perfection!

wish me luck as i enhance interactive functionalities!

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