Monday, March 10, 2014

a few photos from my phone.

we pull out our dslr every once in a while, but it's really my phone that captures the best of the little, funny moments every day. & i don't put phone photos on the blog nearly enough - but here are some for today:

the longer ben & i are married, the more we dress like each other. i tried to capture this once as we were in our elevator heading to a church activity, although i feel like things like cardigans, scarves, & coats obscure the fact a little bit...anyway, black jeans/chambray tops/twins: 

& later on that evening at said church activity, wherein i found a new friend at the met:

one more of the two of us, during a nighttime walk home from somewhere:

revolting children at matilda:

a poster i spotted on valentine's day at the elementary school of the little girl i watch during the day. happen valene's day! you can't resised, can you?? :)

if you're friends with me on snapchat, these are the sorts of snapchats you'll receive from me (this one also being sent on valene's day, of course):

the other little girl i watch. smiles all around!

one more of us engaged in an intense staring contest:

a plate full of sushi & sashimi. yum. i gobbled down that entire thing (& goofed around with chopsticks):

subwaiting on a saturday:

as seen at the 9/11 memorial (for this activity with some youth from our church):

dragged sweet benjamin to cinderella - & he loved it!

i'm surrounded by kids these days :) this one is particularly cute (& willing to ham it up for a camera):

speaking of kids, check out this particularly sweet photo of a certain nephew of mine!

& one of him being sassy (this photo is hilarious):

the best thing to do after hitting up the gym? grabbing cheeseburgers at shake shack:

some of my favorite friends at church the other week:

a random (& nice, & we think maybe already a little drunk?) girl in the crowd snapped this photo of us before the avett brothers took the stage the other night:

the avett brothers in full swing:

saw this photo the other night (at 12:28 am, to be exact) on instagram & i loved it so much i haddddd to grab a screen shot. isn't it a good one??!:

playing risk last night with some friends. can you believe i've never played risk before? life & monopoly were more the long games we played in my family. plus this is a new version of risk with all these different rules, so i was trying to follow along with it all & trying (& failing) not to be confused. i was on a team with ben, so i cheered him along & occasionally rolled the dice when we were battling some other team, but most of the time i kind of just arranged our little grey pieces in menacing formations like the one you see in the bottom left corner of this photo. so, overall, not a great night for the feminist movement :)

& leaving game night later, we could not get over how narrow the entrance to the elevator was in their building. so funny. we had to document it. does this picture convey the small size of the elevator door well, do you think? if the picture doesn't convey it, then THE CAPTION WILL. hah.

& that's a wrap!

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