Thursday, March 20, 2014

boston sisters reunion, part 2: hah-vahd.

in my last few moments of my last day of the frandsen sister's reunion, we frandsen gals took a walk around hah-vahd university, which is a place i had theretofore only taken a cursory walk through. i passed the camera over to gabrielle, who is a true photography genius, & so all the pictures in this post were snapped by her!...& now might diminish in quality a little because of the random captions & explanations i'll give them. haha :) / :/

first of all, something funny i noticed is that little joshey looks the same in every photo in this post: wrapped up snugly in a blanket, a cute hat atop his head, calmly sitting in the stroller, with a stoic, dare i say almost unimpressed look on his face the entire time. it almost looks like one just photoshopped the same image of him into every picture we took. which is funny, because that's become a popular meme theme these days (OMGOSH "MEME THEME." someone name your next band that! i should pass that one on to andy dwyer...), of taking one photo & inserting it creatively into all these other photos. like that scarlett johansson falling meme, or the jay z diving meme which i STILL cannot help but crack up at - even finding links for this post i was clicking through some & just having a really, really hearty laugh. jay z jumping into a pool truly is the jay z of memes.

anyway. whoa! digression. but HERE is the original photo.....

& now you'll see joshey shopped into all the photos below. or was he actually in the photo in real life??? we'll never tell!

working on our poses in front of the (___insert building name here because i can't remember :/____) :

left to right is joshey (can't forget him, of course!), naomi, christie, rosalynde, your 7th favorite blogger, & christine.

now add rachel into the mix...

& now take rachel out of the mix (she took the photo) & put in gabrielle:

so there are a ton of historically significant points around harvard. who knew?!...perhaps everyone except me. which i guess is fine, because my not knowing that made it that much more fun/surprising to see (that's always a good way to explain away ignorance, right...?):

what would one call this thing? a sign? a plaque? a...tombstone?! tee hee (but it does kind of look like one, doesn't it?)

gabrielle will have to let us know if she purposely framed this photo so that the plaque about washington becoming the american army commander would be right underneath the sign for the "sheraton commander" hotel. because that would be genius. gabrielle teach me your wayyyys!

& that concludes our boston sister's weekend! i'm already looking forward to the next time it happens.

(in other meme news, this unimpressed dog).

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