Monday, March 17, 2014

boston sister's reunion.

this weekend was a special one. i took a bus to bah-ston for a frandsen women reunion & all the frandsen ladies were in da house - christie, rosalynde, gabrielle, naomi, rachel, christine, & me. it was a weekend of perfect weather (i mean, when boston has its beautiful days, they're so beautiful), really delightful conversation, a nice morning at church, delicious food, a really great itinerary with beautiful things to see, an even better host/reunion organizer (rachel!), &...antiquing! (more on that one later) the frandsen women are kind, intelligent, funny, wise, & thoughtful. i don't really consider myself to be any of these things, so whenever i'm around any of them i leave feeling inspired to be a better person - with some fun along the way.

but, boston - this row of brick houses, with the white accents & black shutters, under that blue sky?? it makes my heart just flutter. the best part is that photo-worthy housing like this is all over the place. like almost every street. it really might be one of the most beautiful cities in 'murica.

but remember that itinerary we mentioned?? let's talk more about that. on saturday (after naomi's delicious waffle breakfast) we started out for the main branch of the boston public library. i've come to believe really strongly in the beauty of the main branches of old, grand libraries in large cities. new york city's is a dream, & now i have a strong, true testimony of bah-ston's as well. let's take a look:

adored these stairs:

please for you to notice these gloves on the feets of naomi's sweet joshey. little monkey feet! (he was really good at looking at the camera for me all day long. more evidence of this to come, a few photos down):

this courtyard was having a really nice cloister moment. the lighting was gorgeous. some talented photographer would have had a heyday in there:

one of my favorite ways to really feel close to a space is to plop down & read there for a few hours. there's a special kind of intimacy created with a place when you sit down in silence & sort of blend in to the landscape, quietly observing & listening to the noises of life happening around you. you know it better than if you were to quickly cruise through & on to the next place. when we were in madrid a few years ago & ben was attending his conference every day until about 6 pm, my schedule was to pick a location (like the royal palace), read atlas shrugged on a bench there for a few hours, then walk to the next location, sit & read for a few more hours, & so on. so now, whenever i think about madrid, i think about that peace that came when i walked quietly by myself from place to place, the sounds of life that i heard as i read, & wondering who the frickity frack john galt is. anyway, all this is just an accidentally long introduction to the thing i was going to say about this next picture, which is, don't you just want to grab a book & plant yourself in one these chairs for a few hours? (i'm looking to start this the moment my thesis is complete)

the kid's face in this photo, though:

all six in one photo:

more of sweet joshey:

pictures of pictures, because for some reason those are pictures i find myself gravitating towards taking:

& from inside the library:

look at how beautiful everyone in this photo is:

good photo, rachel!:

naomi & joshua:

as seen on a ceiling:

as seen on a wall:

his little face peeking back at you!:

really, pretty much any ceiling or wall you looked at at any time in those main halls was gorrrrgeous

love this photo of gabrielle:

can't you just hear mama's voice when you look at these photos, expounding & explaining the meanings, characters, & symbols painted on the walls above her?

snippets of the artwork christie & gabrielle were looking at in the photos above:

rachel, our fearless host:

spotted this painting tucked away behind a windowed closet above a bookshelf. kind of pretty, right?

10,000 points to gryffindor each for this photo. I MEAN:

catching up on some important reading:

we made our way into a section of the library that had all sorts of quirky mid-century treasures:

as found in a book on top of a stack of books waiting to be reshelved ("the drama of the heavens"! can i cut out that page & put it on my wall?!):

we came across a stunning statue of an expecting mother, made even more stunning, in my opinion, by the fact that it was in a really quite random place in the library (that place being a tiny, almost disheveled-feeling room that felt like it hadn't been updated since the nineteen fifties. as evidenced by things like this beauty pictured on the right):

more mid-century treasures below. the whole time we walked through this part of the library i was thinking of that scene from breakfast at tiffany's when she's in the library reading up on brazil because she's going to marry that brazilian, which is horrible because just the day before or whenever she spent that wonderful day with paul/"fred". maybe i'll decorate our next home in the style of a 1950's library:

in the afternoon we stopped for lunch at a place called flour, which was a really, really good choice we made in a day filled with other really, really good choices. they had the best sandwiches, soups, & baked goods like boston cream pie, cookies, & sticky buns (rachel & i split a sandwich with grilled roasted chicken, brie, roasted red peppers & caramelized onions, yum). it was exactly the sort of eating establishment you'd love to own & operate yourself, with the best kind of aesthetic & really good font usage:

& i'll close out this post with this snap of the prettiest fire station one might ever see in this lifetime. oh bah-ston!:

more photos of our boston frandsen women reunion to come! sometime soon.


  1. Sigh. Our weekend seems even MORE magical after seeing the pictures you took. Thanks, sister.

  2. Oh my goodness! These are perfect glimpses into our perfect weekend! Thank you, all of my beautiful daughters for making it so magical - and special love to Shayla for capturing and preserving the beauty of Boston and the Frandsen women.



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