Saturday, March 8, 2014

concert attire.

this weekend was one i was really excited for - more specifically, friday was something i was quite excited about. ben was flying back into town after being gone for a week (isn't it sad that nowadays a week being apart from each other isn't long for us, at all?) & then we had tickets to go see the avett brothers at the barclays center that night. i've loved the avett brothers for a while, & have made sure that ben has gotten hooked on them, so by the time friday night rolled around we were ready to be blown away (it was ben's maiden voyage to the barclays center, but i've had my share of epic visits there. check out the other times i've subway'd out there HERE & HERE).

anyway, we had reservations at hundred acres, which is a place i had been hearing about a little bit lately (i got the veal, he got the macaroni, & we switched dishes halfway through [the best way to go, in my humble opinion]), & then we were going to the concert right after that, so i was wanting an outfit that would transition well from a two-dollar-signs-on-yelp sit-down dinner in hip, never-can-afford-to-live-there soho to a bluegrass/indie rock/country/folk/rock and roll show in jay-z's home, all while still reflecting the decidedly madewellian style shift i've made, & hope to never stray from, in the past year. (in related news, it looks SUPER snowy & freezing in these pictures, but we were in riverside park, which is just down the street from us but rarely gets any sunlight, so none of the snow has melted yet. up on broadway & other places almost all of the snow is gone except for a few stubborn rock-solid, pitch black patches here & there). anyway, this is what i came up with:

something i love about these pants is that contrasting denim strip on the inside of the leg. adds a really cool detail to an otherwise standard pair of boyfriend jeans.

glasses: madewell, shirt: gap, blazer: target, jeans: zara, boots: vince camuto (but let's be honest, i bought them at tj maxx), watch: michael kors, wallet: target for a nice little pop of col (being short for "color," of course)

in other funny news, as i finished getting dressed ben was like, "so this is sloppy boyfriend?" i responded, "are you talking about the style of jean i'm wearing, or my outfit in general? CHOOSE YOUR NEXT WORDS CAREFULLY, my friend."

(i also brought a coat. it's not pictured. haha)



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