Saturday, March 1, 2014

oscar thoughts 2014: best actor.

second-to-last post in this series! are you happy, or sad, that that is the case?..don't answer that. i know that i only will have done five categories by the time this series is over, when really there are a lot more oscar nominee categories to take note of...maybe if i had thought of this series earlier, like a month ago or something, you could have gotten more of my (not so) wise words of wisdom regarding all the notable moving pictures of the silver screen of 2014. 

tonight on the chopping block is best actor. i realize the phrase "chopping block" in that previous sentence doesn't quite fit, contextually/make sense. here are the guys:

christian bale in american hustle
bruce dern in nebraska
leonardo dicaprio in the wolf of wall street
chiwetel ejiofor in 12 years a slave
matthew mcconaughey in dallas buyers club

who i think should win/who i kind of want to win: remember the important disclaimer that i've only seen two of the films out of the five nominated here. but! chiwetel ejiofor was just brilliant. he has a way of conveying all sorts of emotion without even saying anything. he's actually sometimes a quiet leading man, an observer of all the horrendous things happening around him, unable to talk back to his masters, silent in the ranks of his fellow slaves. interestingly, at other times he has this incredible strength, like when he beats up paul dano's character, or revolutionizes an aspect at benedict cumberbatch's plantation. & then there are even times he stares directly at the camera, his gaze entering our living rooms as he looks right at the viewer for an extended period of time. it was both unnerving & awesome (read more about his performance, & the movie in general, HERE). but also! i really think leonardo dicaprio is due to win. so even though i hear the wolf is cray, & i have no plans to see it, & ultimately i would be sad if this is the movie he ends up winning for, i do so want him to win. i feel bad for the guy, but also i don't want to feel bad, because i still want to respect him & not pity him. i'll be the first to admit it's a complicated range of emotions.

who will win...maybe: i think this one is going to come down to chiwetel ejoifor vs. matthew mcconaughey, but let's be honest - i think matthew mick-c is going to win this one. he's been pretty unstoppable this entire awards season, & on top of that he's had this entire career renaissance/resurgence that everybody seems to be really enjoying, & i think he's going to ride that wave all the way through sunday's night little cer-cer ("cer-cer" being short for "ceremony" here).

p.s. maybe matthew mick-c's notoriety will spawn even more golden celebrity impressions of him.

coming up picture!

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