Tuesday, March 18, 2014

this week: what we're doing.

i could use words to tell you what ben & i are both doing this week. ben is in beijing, attending a conference & helping with pretty much every single little logistical detail of said conference (one of his advisors organized the entire thing), presenting his research, & writing. i'm here at home, working every day, going to the gym in the evening & then thesis-ing until bed (okay, & toss in a tv show here & there). those are the words i could use to tell you what we're doing this week.

instead, however, i think i am going to use videos to show you what ben & i are both doing this week. here's what ben is doing this week:

& here is what i'm doing this week: workin' on my night cheese!

that is all. :)


  1. Oh...I love that Big Bang scene "eye of the tiger"! My husband is a physicist too and I absolutely know how that feels. Good luck to both!

    1. Physicist husband twins! Isn't the video so funny? I feel like I understand that show so much more being married to a physicist :) Thank you!



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