Saturday, April 26, 2014

a saturday with friends.

this afternoon we met up with a few friends in chelsea for some food. but first, i accompanied ben as he ran a few errands on campus. now, ever since we moved here i've been meaning to do a little walkabout/photography hike around columbia, because it's such a beautiful campus & i feel like it's wonderfulness needs to be shared with all my four readers. 

now, it's been almost three years & i haven't done the photography walk yet - but i will one of these days! in the meantime, i'll share these few photos i snapped today while waiting for benny boy, as a teaser.

okay, here's something funny: when the weather gets warmer students flock to the stairs in front of the lowe library, on the main stretch of campus. people play music, eat, socialize, do homework - it's like an urban beach. ben & i have met up for lunch on the steps in front of the alma mater statue & it's delightful. okay, that's not the funny part. here it comes: despite this fact, i had to capture this treasure of a moment, when i spotted two ivy-leaguers turning the columbia greenery into their personal tanning bed. see them shirtless in this photo? precious. that guy walking by in the white tee & red shirt is like whhhhat:

& here's said lowe library, the urban grassy knoll, but looking a little more crowded because it's all set up for graduation in a few weeks:

okay, so now fast forward to chelsea market (see the last time we went there HERE). after a harried trip down to 14th - they were doing construction on the three subway stops nearest to us, & then it was just a really crowded saturday so, you know, people everywhurrr - we were finally able to meet up with our friends. kathryn had been telling us about this really great taco place (it's hard to find legitimately good tacos here), so we decided to all check it out. A GOOD DECISION. here are some photos:

ben & i decided to order one of each kind of taco & split them all. see that "grilled cactus" one? i had never had cactus before!...& it was pretty good, actually! who knew? the grilled steak just hit it out of the park, though, for me, & ben was partial to the marinated pork:

ooh, horchata. i could drink that stuff all of the days (oh, & we also ordered sangria "sin alcochol." :) it was delicious!):

"don't overdo it!"(this was full of limes)

oh man. seeing these pictures makes me want to go back for more tacos. immediately:

a full table:

we walked over to this little enclosed park right on the river to eat our food & chat in the beautiful sunshine. it was such a gorgeous day - until it started raining about 4:30 & hasn't stopped since?! but i'm so glad we got out while it was nice. here are a few of our amigos:

ben is another person who could drink horchata all of the days:

after tacos we popped over the highline, because it really was just right there. we could see it from where we were sitting in the park. here are some beautiful blossoms on our way over there:

also seen on our way to the highline. quoth the raven,

a view from the highline #1:

a view from the highline #2:

stained glass windows on the highline:

stained glass person on the highline:

& the two of us (if you'd like to know, ben's shirt is from the gap, my boots are frye, denim button-up is madewell that's similar-ish here, & here are some patagonia bags similar to the one i have)

the girls:

here's when jon-david was showing everyone the panorama-type app on his phone. as you can see, everyone was entranced! haha.

& then all of us:

kathryn's cute little ice cream pin! which was so fitting, because we got some ice cream later - as you will soon find out. look at that ice cream smiling at you!

picture of a picture:

note to self: come back to the highline someday & get some people's pops:

we then got some treats at a place called holey cream on 52nd. a few words for your consideration: DONUT ICE-CREAM SANDWICHES. it means probably exactly what you're thinking it does. let's take a look:

behold, the donut sandwich! benny boy picked himself up one of these monsters. his consisted of scoops of cheesecake, midnight cookies & cream, & strawberry ice cream with a donut half on top & bottom, glazed with vanilla icing & m&m's. he ate the whole thing! bow down:

oh, & if you ever wanted to build your own donut you're in luck:

i myself opted for midnight cookies & cream ice cream in one of those enormous cones, with hot fudge on top. in honor of the tacos we bought earlier in the day, as they say in spanish, chocolate:

welp! that seems to be all the pictures i have from today. a good time with friends. i want tacos & chocolate. the end.



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