Friday, April 18, 2014

all-women's half marathon.

last sunday i skipped church (canst thou ever forgive me?!) to run an all-women's half-marathon in central park. 13.1 miles is a long way to run, but it was a beautiful morning, ben came to cheer me on, & it was a great feeling to run with all the single ladies! all the single ladies (i'm sure many besides myself were married). cute benjamin took some pictures throughout the race, but you should be warned that early morning is not a good look on me :)

before the race:

working out ipod things:

le starting line:

crossing the starting line! let's do this thing:

ooh gosh there i am again. yikes. please also note the hilarious hot pink running belt i'm wearing. i bought it the day before, & it's actually pretty great. it holds cards & keys, not too bulky so it doesn't bounce around, that sort of thing:

i'm a big fan of listening to podcasts while i run. among the things i listened to during this race, i caught up with ira glass & an episode of this american life (the one called "tribes" from a few weeks ago. that lady does the documentary on guys who love asian women, that quiet talking/quiet noises syndrome that people love, & the native american tribe that's "disenrolling" a ton of people. it was a good one). spot me in this crowd?:

& feeling triumphant at the end. i crossed the finish lines in two hours exactly! it was kind of a spiritual moment (just finishing was, that is. who cares how long it took?):

they gave us a medal, a cup of gatorade, an apple, a bagel, & these space blanket-type things:

here i am about ten minutes later, feeling triumphant & done. the space blanket doubled nicely as a blanket to sit on. :) ben brought me a cookie from levain bakery (which is becoming a really nice pattern of ours. that's one thing that'll get me running: the promise of a treat after. oops?) & i actually felt pretty good, not too tired. my legs were a bit sore for the next day or two. luckily i was able to space out & run on auto-pilot from about miles 3 to 12, which ended up being kind of a good thing. 

a good run! ben & i are running the brooklyn half together in a few weeks, so no rest for the run-y. wish us luck :)

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