Tuesday, April 15, 2014

"amelie" remixes.

it's now 7:35 pm!...& i've been in the columbia library since 10 this morning, furiously finishing up that big thing i'm writing for my degree. i'm going a little stir crazy while also managing to get lots done. spending almost double-digit hours in the library has given me lots of quiet time to listen to lots of music, & for a bit in there i was having a grand time listening to remixes of the amelie soundtrack (which i still get goosebumps when i listening to those opening notes of "j'y suis jamais allé." i love it)

this one is really nice:

this one is also kinda fun:

& this one was...interesting. but i mean it was fine. i listened in the name of education, people! (but really, i was doing something education-y while listening to it):

anyway, just some fun & random listening for your...what is today, tuesday? :/

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