Tuesday, April 8, 2014

conference weekend getaway.

this last weekend we went with friends up to a cabin about an hour outside of the city, & it was the best. our friends jon-david & becky found the place through airbnb, & it was the perfect little cabin. enough room for everyone that went, a fireplace & a big front room where everyone could hang out, a porch overlooking a large & woodsy front yard, a huge kitchen - basically all the beautiful & wonderful things NONE OF US get in our, uh, "cozy" nyc apartments. 

six couples went - we borrowed vans, rented cars, rode scooters, & did whatever it took to get up there for what we knew was going to be a fun weekend - & it did not disappoint! we went with some of the greatest friends we've made here, some of whom were some of the very first friends we met soon after moving in. we've all been in essentially the same life situation - married, no kids (although only for a few more months! a few will be having sweet little ones later this year [hashtag not an announcement]), working, and/or working on graduate degrees. the weekend was even a little bittersweet - some of these friends will be graduating & moving on within the next month or so, & it's crazy that time has already gone by that fast that they're done with their columbia programs. so nothing says, "goodbye, we'll really miss you!" like a cutthroat game of risk:

we love kathryn! (see the fun photo shoots we've done with her here & here)

& kathryn's photog skills in action:

the mcdonnels are one good-looking couple. check out jordan's smolder:

we loved sitting on this built-in bench all weekend. it was up on the kitchen/dining room level & from it you could look out over the front room/entryway/fireplace. a couple times we would look up & ryan would randomly be standing up there, leaning against the sill, looking over the room. we joked that he looked like some kind of political leader looking out over a gathering crowd or big brother, silently watching & thinking to himself, "yes, this activity is going exactly according to plan...." i mean, look at him up there on the right in these two photos, looking out over us unsuspecting peoples/his subjects:

so funny, right??

so yeah, we loved this window. sitting up on it was the most comfortablest of things. i'm pretty sure one entire session of conference i sat with my back leaning against the wall on the right, legs stretched out on the bench in front of me, & i wanted to basically live in that spot (from left to right: ansley, megan, kathryn, becky, your 7th favorite blogger, brittany):

& then of course the window provided for lots of entertainment all weekend from our jumpy, springy, sprightly husbands who kept challenging each other to do some kind of run-&-jump out of it (we were totally safe & we didn't break anything):

taking a "laughing photo" (& a hilarious spouse-less sitch there in the middle):

taking a "laughing photo" part 2:

taking a "laughing photo" part 3:

we've gone camping with the jorgensens a few times, & one time we shared a tent with them...& we joked that ben & jon-david would sleep "on the inside," next to each other, & becky & i on the outside, by the tent walls. it was a night that would bind these two together as "tent buddies" forever. haha (sorry about the lighting! the photo was taken in the moment - to have moved it somewhere with better lighting would have ruined the spontaneity):

that stomach touch. precious:

love these two future parentals:

us two goobs:

photo of a photo (plus jon-david: "i just really want to be in their picture!")

we found this well in the front yard (& when the guys lifted up that wooden slab to look inside, they found a huge snake! luckily it was kind of being lazy & just lounging)

the pretty cabin we stayed in!:

& a few of the husbands playing frisbee in the minutes before we left, while we wives simply enjoyed that sunnnnnnshine (why doesn't the sun decide to just, i don't know, stay a while? like, more than one day at a time?)

wouldn't this front yard be absolutely beautiful to see in the fall?

so yes, we had the best time. good food. great friends. we played a few hilarious games, had some awesome conversations, & were able to catch the messages from the leaders of our church. the sort of experience that leaves you saying, "we need to do this sort of thing MORE OFTEN" - which is always the sign of a successful weekend :) 

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  1. So much fun! Also, I'm thinking I should just cut and paste this whole thing into our blog... ha! Loved it.



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