Thursday, April 10, 2014

scotland run.

last saturday morning i ran a 10K in central park. it was the "scotland run," & they did things like post bagpipe players playing away at every mile mark...& that was kind of it. i wish it had been a little more festive, because scotland is pretty great, but anytime bagpipes are around i'm on board. there was a silhouette of scotland on the official race t-shirt i wore (that ben so awesomely picked up for me the day before), & i did see several older gentlemen running in kilts, but i'm trying to erases those latter files from my mind palace. BUT. it was a beautiful morning for running (i tend to be more of a run-as-the-sun-goes-down kind of runner, or "twilight runner," for shorthand). here are some photos of the run taken with my phone, which, is it just me, or is the quality of iphone 4 photos getting worse & worse?:

before the starting gun:

i did a big report/accompanying poster in 8th grade on my family's scottish ancestry, so I GOT THIS GUYS, i got this.

spotted this zealous runner in a wedding dress...i imagine that sort of situation (running in a wedding dress, that is) would get old & be highly regrettable within .3 miles of beginning a 10K, but what do i know?

winding roads of people mid-run:

on that green sign: "event alert level: LOW." that's.....good, i guess...?

& while i was patriotically running to the stirring sounds of the bagpipe, ben scampered off to levain bakery a few blocks away to get me one of their huge cookies (dark chocolate chocolate chip, please) & a chocolate brioche to share. it was a magical ending to a good run, & i felt all sorts of happy eating my daily caloric intake in one cookie because i had just finished running.

because that's one of the main reasons i run, people! so i can feel less guilty when i eat sweets after. it's an arrangement that's been working out awesomely.

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