Sunday, April 27, 2014

spring shoe sunday: the strappy black heel.

today's shoe is this heeled sandal from zara. with the weather warming up, it finally feels okay to venture out in open-toed shoes. as with the shoe i did in this last spring shoe sunday thing, black heels are something that match well with pretty much anything. 

we walked down the street from our apartment & into the park - & stumbled upon these amazing orange flowers! aren't they great? such a pleasant surprise.

this first look is one that displays my continuing love of peplum tops. i ditched accessories (except my trusty wedd ring) so that the focus would be completely on the stark black/white contrast, the structure of the top, & whatnot. & every time i look at a picture of myself i think with frustration, "stand up straight!" i'll make an annoying great parental unit.

trying to fix hair after all the wind:

shirt and skirt: h&m, lipstick is mac's lady danger

& now a close-up of those gorgeous flowers. isn't that orange color unexpected & delightful?! this nature shot brought to you by our resident national geographic photographer, ben-ay frandsen.

& here's look number two. this skirt is a fun & somewhat crazy thing - the material is kind of scuba-y? what i mean is, it feels like the exact same material a wetsuit is made out of. it also wrinkles very easily, as you'll see in these photos. & it's just such an interesting shape.

top: thrifted, skirt: asos (similar here), bag: kate spade, lipstick is nars' schiap, which is, gosh, it's one of those ultimate lipstick colors for me, you know? a perfect pink. i love it.

some hand stuff?

messy hair in all its......................................................glory? :/ :/ :/ :?

more photos from our artiste, that cute guy. the funny thing is, sometimes ben gets embarrassed by these silly photo shoots, & so when innocent walkers pass by, enjoying a day among the beautiful flowers, he'll kind of go rogue & turn to take photos of nature until they pass by. & the thing is, i can totally understand where he's coming from, & i'll patiently wait until he's done. i let him do the thing that makes him feel comfortable in this world, you know? it's a funny little married bubble he & i live in. we understand & support a lot of each others' mutual weirdness. this kind of shiz is us to a T.

more amazing flowers! the park next to our house is so lovely:

okay, look number three! more animal print. warmer than the other two (despite my babbling about open-toed shoes in warm weather, the weather itself was actually surprisingly cold today). a blatant & outright copy of this outfit i found on the instagrams.

hat: h&m, sunglasses: gap (they could be these ones, i think?), necklace: for some reason i can't 100% remember where i got it, but i'm pretty sure here, coat: urban outfitters (meaning you know that fur is fake), turtleneck: zara, chambray top: madewell, pants: gap (& now they seem to be on sale! of course they would be, after i already purchased them. lucky you, unlucky me), lipstick is mac's ruby woo.

so serious.

side story - i got a little hair cut a few weeks ago. after being so used to having hair long enough to wrap into a bun & even fashion into the early stages of a milkmaid or crown braid, i'm now back to barely finagling the mop into even a tiny nubbin of a bun. which is fine. i mean, i wanted a short chop for the summer months, but this picture below shows it can sometimes become a tad man bun-y (read an article waxing poetic on the finer points of a man bun here - & you're in luck! there are photos!).

theeerrrreee's a smile:

& that's it for this exciting round of spring shoe sunday! it's life-altering stuff, guys. have a great night.


  1. Shayla, I'm living for the leopard print right now. Gorgeous outfits :-)

  2. Shayla, you are so beautiful. You have the most unreal (in a good way), perfect, flawless skin, and you look amazing in everything. I love your photo shoots, even if Ben does get embarrassed! :-)



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