Sunday, May 18, 2014

a few links around the interweb.

isn't that baby bottom delightful? & those chubby feet? here a few things from around the web i found this week that i've been saving up to include all in one post:

1. how to marry the right girl: a mathematical solution, although my feminist sensibilities bristle at this article a little bit :)

2. speaking of feminism, these famous female authors explain what feminism is (j.k. rowling says, "molly weasley comes out and proves herself the equal of any warrior on that battlefield").

3. a surprisingly thoughtful article on why mean girls is a classic. i brought that movie with us to china & had ben sit down & devote his full attention to watching it with me one night before bed. he hasn't said it in these exact words, but i'm pretty sure that from that moment on his life has changed. :) "she doesn't even go here!"

4. susan sontag on writing, reading, & literature - "no book is worth reading if it isn't worth reading five times, or more . . . that's what i mean by 'literature' - a book that you would want, repeatedly, to read, to be inside you, to be part of your blood stream." so so good.

5. this comedian's response to strong criticism of her red carpet dress? wear it again the next time she's on a red carpet! way to fight for being seen as more than what you're wearing.

6. 17 things people born in the late 80's (as in, BOTH BENJAMIN & I) are currently experiencing. 3, 4, 13, & 16 ring especially true :)

good night!

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