Sunday, May 11, 2014

happy mother's day!

happy mother's day! today i'm thinking of my own mother, my little sister (a newly minted mom), my sweet mother-in-law & all of ben's sisters who are mothers. i'm so glad to have such wonderful examples in my life.

i always feel overwhelmed at the thought of trying to put into words all that my mom has taught me, how much she has influenced my life, how i still turn to her when i have questions or need to  how she was the perfect mom for my siblings & me, her love of life, general hilarity, & dorkiness - but it's such a daunting task. gosh it's a daunting task. so i'm not even really going to try it. instead i thought i'd show rather than tell, simply by sharing a few photos of my own wonderful ma, whom my siblings & i often lovingly call by her first name, "rene."

so both my parents have snapchat, & it's pretty hilarious when they send us stuff. now, on more than one occasion rene has sent us snaps of her with treats (of which she has instilled in us a healthy appreciation) as you can see from this photo:

that rene. so sassy.

& that time we all mimicked the moose standing guard at a tiny store in vancouver:

can we, uh, get a closeup of those faces, bahb?


perfect. thanks, bahb (that's "bob" said with a slight, what is it, bahstan accent?)

i love this photo of my parents. it was taken when they were engaged - i'm pretty sure they used a photo from this shoot in their wedding announcement? mom, correct me if i'm wrong on this one. sorry about my phone's reflection, & check out the beard on daddy-o!

another photo of my parents. this one (as well as the one just above this) is above our kitchen sink, so i saw it all the time growing up. i love my mom's rust leather jacket - she had (has!) great style. i believe this photo was taken shortly before my dad entered the missionary training center & then go on to serve in guatemala for two years. arms length, people! i love the way my dad is laughing, like, scrunching up his shoulders.

here's my mom with her first kiddo - my older brother jared. jared's little sneakers, though!! <3<3

oh & heeerrrree's your 7th favorite blogger. look at the way i'm eyeing jared - such sneaky. so calculation. much younger sister. 

bahb, let's zoom in a little bit there. 

look at that face. thanks, bahb. a little blurry, but perfect. guys, really, if you ever need anything, just call bahb.

maybe you're also starting to notice my mom has had a lot of different hairstyles over the years. my heart tells me this was a particularly good one:

doesn't my dad look like kind of a, i don't know, punk in this one? both alan & rene do, which is funny, because they're standing in front of the temple. is that symbolic of something? how they instilled in their children a pleasant combination of rebelliousness & spirituality? i guess we'll never know.

oh, & this one where my mom looks legitimately twelve. doesn't she though? more pressing, though, at least in my mind, is where can one find a shirt like my dad's these days?

happy mother's day, rene! go call bahb!

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