Friday, May 23, 2014

pretty columbia campus.

so for a long, long time now i've been wanting to take some pictures around columbia & share them with y'all (sorry, i've been watching a lot of friday night lights lately & that tami taylor is an influential one) because it's really quite a beautiful campus. anyway, a few sundays ago we took these photos (well, i mean, ben was taking them of me :/ ) & then, because it was such a nice day, the benjamino & i decided to walk for a bit...& take photos, of course. anyway. just a few photos of columbia in the springtime:

& now, these beautiful flowers! & such a saucy grecian god lounging so dionysian-like among them:

no but really, get a closer look at this guy:


i think i might still love the look of almost-bare trees, or trees not fully bloomed (if that's the right word for it? :/ ) more than i like the look of full, green trees. they're more beautiful, in my opinion, because of what they lack. those scraggly branches jutting out in all directions - it's real good. kind of like how songs in minor keys speak to me, for lack of a better phrase, more than songs in a major key. something about that hint of sadness, i guess. anyway, here a few of those not-fully-bloomed (?) trees:

ben, cool as a cuke (i believe this was the time we had to run by his office so he could pick up this big intense microphone he needed?! it's that white box he's carrying :)

"love cherish defend it." will do, columbia!

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