Tuesday, May 27, 2014

pretty spring things.

#1: i've been loving the nars multiple stick lately. it works as cheek color or lipstick. the colors below from left to right are this one, this one, & this one. & their packaging & type just delight me (i feel like the photo below is a little blurry? sorry about that).

#2: these sugar tinted lip balms from fresh. i've been seeing these little guys around for a while & finally curiosity got the better of me. i found a mini-set of 8, which was good because i couldn't decide on just one. they smell amazing, the colors are subtle enough that you could put this stuff on without a mirror & not worry about it getting all over, & they're just...great. 

despite loving all of them, a few standout favorites so far have been the petal, cherry, & passion.

normally they are about the size of someone's index finger, but since i bought mine in a little set, they're mini & cute, as you can see:

#3: this little sashimi bag. ack it's so darling, & it contains images of one of my all-time favorite foods. it's this one that i bought during shopbop's last sale, although it seems to be sold out there now. it appears to be on amazon? & isn't this one just, SO lovely? who knew embroidered sushi could be so truly fantastic? although, in typing that sentence out, the joy of embroidered sushi now feels obvious. 

mmmmmm. sushi.

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