Monday, May 12, 2014

spring shoe sunday (monday): the white sneaker.

i first saw these hudson's bay company/converse shoes on the feet of someone in my instagram feed several months ago - it was not the photo of someone i knew personally, but a big-time blogger or someone - & i guess you could say i instantly fell in love with them. unfortunately, i was too late to the party or something, because anywhere & everywhere i looked these beauties were SOLD OUT. i finally found a somewhat decently-priced pair on ebay...they were a half a size too large but i wanted them too badly. & luckily, they fit fine. so here, just a couple of outfits we took on campus yesterday - the weather was amazing!

feeling somewhat indiana jones-y in this hat:

the sweatshirt is j.crew, pants are from forever 21, the hat is from century 21 (but i can't seem to remember the brand? :/ ), watch is michael kors, sunglasses are madewell, lipstick is nars' heatwave, but i can't seem to place or define what exactly is going on with my left foot in this picture:

*cue indiana jones theme music*

complete this analogy: white jeans : summer :: indiana jones : ______.

the second look sees me busting out a piece of clothing that hasn't seen the light of day since the waning days of summer 2013: overalls! overalls just don't seem to fit into a winter outfit aesthetic...but that's just my opinion. i felt a little farmer-y topping everything off with a ball cap, but my hair was not cooperating that day - nor does it seem to cooperate any day, really.

hat: madewell, "1969" sweatshirt: gap, overalls: asos, bag: patagonia, lipstick is this one from nars.

i call this one, "casually leaning against a metal post no. 5"

well that's it from this end. you?



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