Monday, May 5, 2014

texting with the whipples.

tonight i was scrolling through some old whipple family group texts, & some of it was just too good not to share. a few memorable moments stand out from the rest when my family members were being particularly saucy, hilarious, and/or other words, pretty standard fare for whipple conversation. :) 

one such conversation started when i posed a seemingly innocent question to the group back in january, when the nfl playoffs were in full swing. the seahawks were playing the 49ers, & this was a major issue for many of us: we descend from longtime, big-time niners fans, mom & dad are both from the bay area, & yet we kids spent most of our formative years in seattle & grew to love everything about that city - including the football. so. tradition versus location. so! it was a big game. throw in the in-laws & things get even more feisty. here's how it started:

so, so far, tyler, hannah (or "hb"), jared, & i have chosen the seahawks, & eli is the lone man in the seahawks garden. but one more would join the majority, & yes, in my phone, he has hearts by his name:

the conversation continued...with a request for comment from the tax man, papa bear himself:

who ultimately did indeed weigh in:

some other important points were clarified, & mom checked up on eli mid-game, as the niners started to struggle:

ben was a little sassy, mom was a little........tender:

& then after richard sherman's impassioned rant in a post-game interview, tender mother threw some pretty serious shade at the guy:

this conversation continued on for almost three days! we've got some passionate & educated football fans in our family. who knew the depths of emotion that would be set off when i asked that original question? hee hee. 



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