Monday, May 19, 2014

"you stole my baby name!"

so, i've got one of those names that never show up anywhere. little name key chains in gas stations always have a "ben," they never have a "shayla." i think every one of my siblings has found their names on one of those key chains, except me. i didn't know anyone in high school named "shayla," & while i'm sure at college there were a few.......i never knowed 'em.

even when ben & i got engaged in park city, we bought little license plate key chains with our names on them as a kitschy way (one of the many that we did) to celebrate the evening. ben was able to buy his little license plate immediately and, well...we had to special order one that said "shayla" on it, that was mailed to us two weeks later. story of my life! anyway, a few weeks ago i had a(n edited) tv show on in the background at work one day, when suddenly...i heard. was that...did they say..."shayla"?!? i sat up straighter. i turned the tv up. yes, there it was! they said my name on a tv show! that has never happened in my life! i was so excited i had to share it here. warning: there's a bit of language at the end! just a bit, but it's there - although it is such a samantha moment: if she finds out one of her friends is being attacked or wronged, she immediately jumps to her defense, absolutely no questions asked.

anyway, here is the awesomeness that is my name actually appearing somewhere other than on my passport.

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  1. lol love sex and the the E! marathon going on right now...reminds me of our "rebel" byu watching days.



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