Sunday, June 1, 2014

city college of new york graduation: day 1.

i'm done! again i say, i'm done!  i mean, technically i was done when i turned my thesis in (in a tremendously anticlimactic fashion) but there's nothing like a good turn of the tassel & the donning of black robes of a false priesthood to really drive the point home. my humanities & the arts convocation was on thursday (with ben & my 'rents in attendance) & the general commencement was the next morning (adding in ben's 'rents this time. i was so happy they could come!). they were such good, good, fulfilling days. 

this time around i got to pop on a long, drapey hood, which helped me feel more...masterly? i don't know. the funny thing is it hangs all intensely down one's back, so in order to really get a good look at the hood in a photo, one has to take what amounts to kind of an awk butt shot. at least i can take comfort in the fact that i'm joining in a long & dubiously illustrious female butt shot tradition.

here are some shots taken by sweet benjamin during the ceremony. so glad we had this stand-up dude bringin' the proud english department in:

spot me? (i had been standing in line [in heels] for about an hour already so i was BEYOND READY TO SIT DOWN :) :)

hood/butt shots round two (trust me, there is noootttthing gratuitous about those giant robes. i was basically wrapped in one of those giant white tents people hold wedding receptions under):

the president of city college is a lady named lisa coico. she's this incredibly talented & brilliant scientist, &, just, this tiny, sassy spitfire. here she is at the podium, just holding court & basically owning it:

here i am, walking across the stage...

still walking...

shakin' some hands...


aaaaaand scene.

you guys, it was great. the entire convocation was SO different than my byu graduation. at byu we were expected to be silent, solemn, respectful, & reverential. i mean, which was fine - it felt like a stately & important conclusion to the end of my years there. but this was not the case at the humanities & arts convocation in harlem. get the poets, the debaters, the theater people, philosophers, musicians, & artists into one space & it's bound to be a good time, amiright? speeches were interrupted by long bouts of cheers from the graduates, students danced across the stage, the english & media/communication arts departments were having contests to see which group could cheer louder, people were taking selfies in the aisles & calling out to friends in other departments during the ceremony - it was a riot (almost literally?) but SO FUN. it truly felt like a celebration, you know?...not a funeral. as we proceeded out at the end of it all, they played sinatra's version of the theme from new york, new york & then "empire state of mind," & several different groups of people broke out into impromptu dance parties. 

our diplomas will be mailed to us in a month or so! the meantime they just gave us a postcard-type letter basically saying "congratulations." haha:


see that beautiful building in the left of this photo? city college is a castle. like hogwarts, basically. also, my parents are tremendous & supportive & i'm so happy they came! it was great to have them here & we all had fun at the rowdy humanities & arts convocation partayyyy.

about a month before i finished my thesis, i had to do all this running around to get things together & turned in before the deadline. i had to obtain signatures, drop papers off in professor's boxes, coordinate with them, & schlep up to campus pretty much every other day. ben helped so so much with it all, schlepping up to campus more than once during this time to help with one thing or another when i couldn't get away from work. one night in the middle of all this he said, "you're not going to be the only one who is glad when this thesis is done...!" haha. amen, dude. a degree really is such a team effort, & i am so overwhelmed with happiness & gratitude i've got ben on my side. he is the kindest & most selfless person ever, essentially. he never complained about having to run a small errand for me here or there, he was always the first to edit my (long) research papers i've had to write over the last two years, whenever people ask him about his phd program he quickly tells them i am (well, "was," now) working a graduate program, & he was completely, 100% supportive of me during my entire master's program. i thank my lucky STARS he is comfortable & confident enough in himself & his own talents that he doesn't feel the least bit threatened by independent, educated, & sassy women. i suspect it's because he was surrounded by a buttload of them in his family growing up :)

my parents gave me this beautiful graduation gift! <3 <3

a pretty door on campus:

the great hall (again - hogwartsian) - we didn't have graduation in there or anything, but ben & i wanted to show off because it's such a beautiful room (hilarious - ben has been a judge twice now for the nyc [or is it new york state...? i'll have to check with him] high school science fair & it is always held in the great hall. so he knows & loves it well).

in said great hall:

& a picture of me with my brilliant & helpful thesis advisor, who is not pictured...but his name is! :)

day 2 of graduation festivities coming soon!

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  1. HOOOORRRAAAAYYYYYYYYY!!!! Looks like such a fun partayyy!



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