Saturday, June 28, 2014

euro-whirl 2014: salzburg

salzburg! i was so excited we were going to salzburg. having been raised on a healthy dose of the sound of music (along with it's a wonderful life, it was the only movie we were allowed to watch on sundays besides the animated scripture videos...needless to say, the older we got, the more we watched sound of/wonderful life & the less we watched the others...although i can tell you all about any major story from any of the standard works & yes, i did learn some of that in church classes, but my knowledge also totally comes from those animated videos as well. & although ben disagrees with me on this one, i am staunchly maintaining that we must have those animated videos for our own kids to's an ongoing discussion. haha).

anyway, as soon as we stepped out of our hotel & turned left, we saw what was going to come to be one of my favorite parts about salzburg. there's this giant hill that cuts right through the middle of the city, upon which stand a large white fortress & the thickest, lushest forest. & it's been totally embraced - they've cut a tunnel through the rock & made it a part of the city. see how they've carved these figures out of the rock?:

& this was the footpath we went through to get to the other side of the hill. kinda reminded me of when the von trapps totally own at the festival that happens in that cave-like structure towards the end of the movie:

& exiting out of the tunnel, to more looming rocks, cliffs, & trees:

we spent a day in salzburg, & in my opinion, that was a perfect amount of time. there are so many beautiful sights to see, & we felt like we were able to get a really good grasp of it all in that amount of time.

mozart was born in salzburg, so naturally they're obsessed with him there. everywhere we turned they sold some kind of mozart kitsch. they even have a type of chocolate that is named after mozart - they're called mozartkugel, or "mozart balls." 

said chocolate:

i wish they were good, but...neither of us like the mozart balls very much. it sounds kind of inapproriate calling them that, but that really is their name. ben's take: "the name for the chocolate...doesn't work in english." ha. anyway, these rubber ducks were a particular favorite of mine, but notice the particularly unheimlich (my favorite german word, by the by) life-sized mozart in the background, giving some serious side eye:

he's throwing so much shade it's insane:

occasionally i've jokingly called austria "australia" this whole trip, to kinda needle benny boy (homeboy loves austria ALMOST as much as he loves germany) so i thought this shirt was particularly perfect for our lives (although we didn't buy it):

as seen on a few pretty salzburg streets:

i found this row of open windows quite picturesque: 

snacking on an apple pretzel (in case you're hat & sweatshirt are madewell, jacket is h&m, jeans are gap, frye boots):

i fell in love with that white fortress on the hill in the background. isn't it both lovely & intimidating, surrounded by thick forest & glowing white? it's called the hohensalzburg, & it sits on top of that hill i mentioned, that runs right through the city. you can see it in a ton of scenes during the "do re mi" song in the movie, such as this one, oh & it's all over this scene.

ben & the mozart statue:

this bridge is also in the movie, isn't it? you know, when it does that musical montage where it shows fraulein maria bonding with the kids, riding on the train with them & buying vegetables (what's-her-bucket almost starts to cry because she drops the tomato) & then they're on the bridge, & they're looking off on one side, & then they run over & look over the other side. anyway, this is that bridge!

it rained for a bit in the afternoon, & i got to be so freezing that i borrowed ben's sweatshirt, & by the time this photo was taken i was kinda over everything (but ultimately was able to overcome that when it stopped raining a while later :)

i love all these slick black roofs:

& the misty skies were a nice the rain was a little okay, i guess.

these little kids clothes. i die:

so i guess red bull was founded in austria?! so they have red bull signs & buildings all over salzburg. who knew??

eeeee here we are with another sound of music site! recognize this fountain? it is in the gardens of a castle called schloss mirabell. do you know what scene it's from? i'll give you a second to think........

it's in this song! they really go all over the place in that song. 

more of the gardens at schloss mirabell:

my caped crusader, leading the way & speaking lots of german while he was at it:

& later, on a bridge upon which people insist, as they do in many european cities, upon placing locks on its person (while realizing that the bridge is not actually a person):

some of the best & prettiest buildings seem to be along rivers:

& just a few more things we noticed on the streets of salzy:

we went into this beautiful white church, but i decided to devote those photos to an entire separate post. ch-ch-check back soon.



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