Sunday, June 8, 2014

recent photos from my phone.

ben left for switzerland yesterday, & man i'm mourning his loss. the last month & a half or so has featured a particularly bad string of travel trips for him (& by "bad" i mean "frequent" - he's been home for about a day & a half in between each trip). in the meantime while he's gone, i'm watching the tony's, workin' on my night cheese, & looking forward to joining ben in zurich & a little over a week. 

also in the meantime, here is a smattering of photos from my phone & instagram that are particularly funny &/or enjoyable...& there are other photos that are relatively normal. here we go!

1. a photo my cousin sent me a month or two ago of the "writer" of this blog as a wee child. i don't understand why i'm not smiling with my teeth, but perhaps it's because i wanted to direct any & all attention to the fabulousness of my pink velcro shoes:

2. if you join snapchat & then become a friend of mine on said snapchat, you will receive a photo that goes something like this:

3. during the intermission of a gentleman's guide to love & murder a few months ago. it took me a few minutes to get into the musical's overall momentum...but then i ended up loving it.

4. i can't believe i haven't shared this photo on the bloggy blog yet (i mean, at least i don't think i have?? i searched my blog high & low) but it was on our way out of gentleman's guide to love & murder that we ran into BILL NYE THE SCIENCE GUY. bill nye!! the science guy!! i mean, this is the man whom ben & i spent many, many childhood hours watching (& learning from, obviously) on his show. i wish i could have documented it better in this photo, but bill is definitely wearing a benedict cumberbatch sherlock holmes hat. & a bowtie, but that one you can plainly see. he was a little awkward, but very kindly was up for snapping a pic. while i was taking this photo, i told him (bill, that is), in kind of a frantic shout, "this is ben, & he's getting a phd in physics!!!" we can't remember perfectly - such was the thrill of the moment - but ben & i are pretty sure bill said, "that's great!" speaking of great, here is a video repeating "bill! bill! bill! bill!" for 10 hours.

5. my advisor was wonderful in guiding me through the thesis process. he read my chapters thoroughly & put a great deal of time into giving me complete edits & helpful feedback (which was no small task, because my thesis was not short at all). he's also pretty old school - normally i emailed my professors my papers & received responses from them in the same way, but professor oppenheimer preferred (even insisted?) to read hard copies of my chapters & provide handwritten feedback. this yielded some pretty great lines from him, such as this gem i found when it seems he had finally had enough of my omission of the word "that." you know those things you learned long ago that seem to cement themselves more & more firmly in your mind as time goes on, regardless of whether or not they're correct? in high school i was taught that writers don't need to use the word "that" as often as they think.  did you ever learn crazy writing rules like this? i don't know, it's a random thing. i've had that writing rule stuck in my mind now so long that i kind of had to shake myself out of it after reading this intense (but funny) comment:

"when will you stop omitting this crucial word!"

6. but (& there i go breaking another rule - starting a sentence with the word "but") apparently leaving out the word "that" a few times too many didn't stop my advisor from ultimately signing off on ye olde thesis...because here's a favorite photo from my graduation approx. two months after i read the note above:

7. i knew we absolutely had to see a musical while my parents were in town for my graduation. seeing rocky was a fun choice:

8. & a visit to the met with said parents (& ben's parents too!) a few days later. 

9. high line romantics...

10. ...& the largest pile of fries ever during a trip to the spotted pig with friends:

11. blueberry & lemon verbana cronut eyes (that left eye of mine, i can barely even take. it's equal parts funny &...creepy):

12. the best colors are on this wall downtown:

13. & a dreamy shot of the benjamino & i during this cabin trip with friends:

& it looks like we've come to the end of another truly stimulating blog post. have a great night!

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