Monday, July 28, 2014

brooklyn flea.

a few saturdays ago ben & i made the trek (i mean, it's not that bad, but why does it feel like it takes forever to get to brooklyn? :) to the brooklyn flea. we went on a saturday to the fort greene flea (the brooklyn flea happens in a few different locations on both saturdays & sundays). we didn't have anything specific in mind to buy, so it was really fun to simply browse & sneak photos here & there. i was feeling inspired by a lot of the things i saw, & am thinking in the future i'll need to go back & get a print for the wall, or something (we'd have to be really picky - i love buying little vintage knickknacks, but we just don't have the room in our apartment! i keep a lot of vintage finds at my parents' house that we'll get when [if?] we move somewhere larger, in the future).

it was really fun to wander through the booths & look, but ultimately we spent an embarrassingly inordinate amount of time over at the food trucks. we ate....a lot. i'm almost embarrassed at how much we ate, but in looking over these pictures again, & remembering not only how good everything was but that we shared everything, so that maybe we individually weren't eating as much as we could have been?

we started off with steak & chicken tacos:

then a doughnut from the dough stand (SO good, wonderfully messy):

we then picked up a cucumber mint lemonade from...a booth i can't remember the name of? but lemonade is my GO-TO drink of the summer. insanely refreshing!

then a stop by the milk truck...

for a perfect grilled cheese sandwich:

such melt, very cheese:

then a cherry vanilla soda:

then a gluten-free chocolate chip cookie from the stand right next to the milk truck (we had to wait about, oh, 7 minutes for our grilled cheese to be ready, which left a lot of time to stand & stare at the huge cookies on display right next door) :

for his final treat of the day ben chose that giant aforementioned cookie, while i got the vanilla bean milkshake from the milk truck (that was so delicious i would make a million treks, on foot, to get another one. needless to say, i'm wanting to go back to the bk flea SOON to get ALL THE VANILLA BEAN MILKSHAKES) :

& thus ended our trip to the brooklyn flea that ended up mostly being one giant food marathon, #yolo.

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