Friday, July 25, 2014


so many changes around here!

+ this little blog is a .com now! what??! i've been wanting to change my domain name for a while - the "" felt so old & outdated. i created (that word "created" sounds so pretentious...let's be honest, i just clicked a few buttons here & there until i was told i had a blog) this blog back when ben & i were dating, & although i secretly wanted to make it "," i mean, i wasn't married yetttt, & although we had talked about it & even gone ring shopping, sheesh, we weren't even engaged yet. so "" it was, & it stuck around ever since. so. finally time to put that domain out to pasture. but don't worry - anytime a blog changes its domain name it takes me a good six months to remember, so if you still type in  the "shaylawhipple" address, it'll redirect here.

+ a new blog design! i went with a design created by Kory Woodard (you can find her on etsy), & i would highly recommend her. she was incredibly helpful, really easy & prompt in her communication, & helped me get this new blog set up & looking niiiiiice. 

+ a new name! along with the "shaylawhipple" address, i've been itching to change the blog title for a little while. i mean, i've always liked the "you? me. me? you" one, but i've had that title now for what feels like forever, & it was just time to switch things up, you know? like moving apartments in college & feeling like you've gotten a totally fresh start...but with fewer cardboard boxes, sore muscles the next day, & stress. & believe it or not, 

+ there is a story behind "shayla who?"! let's see if i can tell it as quick as possible: when my dad served one of those two-year mormon missions in guatemala, there was a city in one of the areas he lived in called "shayla-who." ...well, it was actually spelled quite differently (i believe there's at least one "x" in there & maybe a hyphen or two, you get the idea) but it was pronounced "shayla-who." most people in the area shortened the name of the city down to "shayla." my dad always liked the name, & later, my mom liked it as well. so that's how i came to be named what i was! i've always loved the origin of my name, & at various times in my life have tried to ascribe spiritual or emotional significance to the fact that it was discovered when my dad was doing something really good for him, for the church, for the Lord, etc. anyway, growing up, "shayla who" was one of the many nicknames i had in my family. i put a question mark at the end of it to signify (a) the question people would ask when they don't know who i am [which i think we would all can do better to remember...we think everyone around us is noticing us, or judging us, but in reality, no one is hah], (b) as a zoolander-esque indication of my personal journey to ***discover myself,*** as in "who is shayla?", & (c) ben thought of this one: as the beginning of a sentence, as in "shayla, who ____." shayla, who travels. shayla, who blogs. kind of a lola versus thing. anyway, we'll see how all of this stuff that sounds okay-ish in theory plays out in practice.

+ you can follow me on bloglovin' now! if you look over at those black bars underneath my photo on the right, you'll see one underneath "instagram," "facebook," etc. called "bloglovin." just click on that & it'll take you to my blog on bloglovin. if you'd like, you can create an account & follow tons of different blogs that you like. bloglovin is similar to google reader in that you have a feed & any time a blog that you "follow" creates a new post, it'll show up on your feed.  

that's all. don't worry, i'm not trying to skyrocket myself or this blog into the a-list (or even d-list) stratosphere of the blogging world. i'm still the same dorky person who had these humble origins, & who has blogged stuff like this immortal post. bye for now!

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