Thursday, July 24, 2014

euro-whirl 2014: coma ruga, spain.

we spent the last, oh about five days, of our trip in coma ruga, spain (about 45 minutes outside of barthelona). ben was slotted to speak at a conference that has, up to this point in my life, the most intense title i've ever heard (the "10th international workshop on nanomagnetism & superconductivity at the nanoscale." i'm like, super-what-now?) you can read more about the conference ( want? :/) right HERE, & you can even find ben's name & his talk title right HERE! (scroll down a bit - the list is alphabetized by last name!) i sat in on his talk, & he knocked it out of the park, of course. i understood next to nothing (i mean, would you??), but he did great. that's what years of growing up giving talks as a child & teenager in church will do for you...make you an awesome public speaker :)

......& it happened to be a great perk that the hotel we stayed at/the conference was being held at was mere steps from the beach. they make up for having long, complex conference titles about intense subjects by holding these meetings in exotic/amazing/beautiful places...i mean, this was the view from our hotel room:

& here's a look at the beach itself (this was such a beautifully skin-toasting day!):

the next day was a little more overcast, & a little more breezy (but still just as, if not more, pleasant for a long, slow walk right where the water meets the sand))

(this bathing suit, as well as the one a few photos up, are both from anthropologie. i bought it in one color, & loved it so much i bought it in a second color. my thinking is, well-fitting, flattering one pieces are so hard to find, when you find a good one, you gotta snatch it multiples! but don't tell ben until after the payment goes through...i kid! i...kid. haha.)

& ben's intrepid runs & jumps in the sands of time: 

such wonderful posture as he sails through the air! look how straight his back is!

& here's ben just contemplatin' nano-whatsits & spec...trographs &...neutrons, & stuff:

&...that's it! those are pretty much all our pictures from coma ruga. after two weeks of lots of go-go-go traveling through europe, it was kind of nice to put our feet up & relax in one place for a while. we did a lot of laying out on the beach, exercising, reading, getting our hearts broken by world cup games (the u.s. lost to belgium while we were there, ben still can't talk about it), eating, & sleeping.

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