Monday, July 21, 2014

euro-whirl 2014: the highlands.

on our second day in scotland, we took a nice long driving tour up through the highlands. i was keeping my eye out for any wild, flaming-haired, be-kelted, on-the-run hot scotsman (or is it..."hotsman"??) a la jamie fraser from this book (which i so conveniently happened to finish right as we started the scotland leg of our trip. such perfect timing! at first i was embarrassed to admit i read not only outlander but the following three books, but then i was like, nah, i'll own it). anyway, i was keeping my eye out for any hotsman, but then i was like, i've got a hotsman of my own, so, i'm good:

loch lomond, lads & lasses:

the rest & be thankful pass:

such green. much highlands. so beauty. very scotland:

we also made a stop at inveraray castle (in other news, we debated the pronunciation of the word "inveraray." is it "in-VER-uh-ray," or is it, as i am more inclined to think, "in-vuh-RAY-RAY!" because the second pronunciation would be much more conducive to the saying i've made up & am looking to put on t-shirts, "let's get cray-cray at inve-ray-ray!") speaking of getting cray-cray, they also happened to film a downton abbey christmas episode at the castle. you can read about all that HERE. in the little cafe (where we bought a few biscuits & jam) they had all these giant portraits of members of the crawley brood, that were kind of startling when you turned around & weren't expecting them to be staring back at you. i don't want to say anything more about that christmas episode, because in the span of an hour & a half or so, it singlehandedly turned me against that danged show forever...even though i ended up shamelessly binge-watching season 4 {maybe before it even debuted in america??}. oops. *shakes fists while her shout of "why, cousin mattheewwwwwwwww?!? whyyyyy...." fades off into the night*

more at castle inve-ray-ray:

okay, so, ohmygosh. so, the shaggy coo. oh, the shaggy coo. (wikipedia is telling me they're called, simply, "highland cattle," but rick steves told me they're called "shaggy coos." who to believe?!?) after reading (in ricky's book) about this sweet cow found particularly in the highlands of scotland we kept our eyes open all day to see if we could spot any in the fields. after several hours of driving & stopping at various sites, we had no luck. BUT THEN. there was this one time i was feeling a little carsick & we turned into a little lane off the road to get out & walk around a little bit, & THIS IS WHAT WE FOUND RIGHT THERE IN FRONT OF US:

i mean look at them!!! the hair in front of their sweet faces!

this little cream-colored gal was especially interested in us:

i'd kill for fringe & perfect sun-colored highlights like his!

yeah, this sweet girl walked forward, away from the others, & stood real close to the gate just staring at us, even as we drove away a few minutes later. she didn't make a single sound. just looked. she was so sweet.

until next time, sweet little coo!

*gasp* is that a rugged highlander there on the right, come to seduce me with his thick scottish brogue & recitations of rabbie burns-ian poetry that he knows by heart??....oh, nope, nvm, it's just a tree.

this picture doesn't quite do it justice, but this map we used to drive all through the highlands took up the entire front seat of our wee rental car.

speaking of "wee" (the most awkward transition ever), look at this cute, teenser castle plopped out on a tiny patch of land in the middle of a lake!

that tiny castle is almost as cute as the shaggy coos. almost!

driving through the highlands was a really good choice. we were able to cover a lot of ground & stop a lot along the way. i'm almost, almost done blogging about our europe trip - i think one or two more posts should do the trick!

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  1. THOSE SHAGGY COOS!!! I feel blessed to have stumbled upon this post this day because I needed those little guys in my life. Get real!



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