Wednesday, July 2, 2014

euro-whirl 2014: vienna / part 2, the austrian national library.

in the middle of our first day in vienna, we stopped by what we thought was going to be a casual visit at the austrian national library. we spotted a photo of the interior in our dorky travel book & thought, "oh, that could be fun." what we didn't know was that we were going to VISITING THE BEAST'S LIBRARY & i would become belle, for a moment?! (remember how that movie was a formative part of my childhood? :)

wouldn't it be great to own a library in which one needs to climb a ladder to reach the books at the top? 

that painted ceiling of light:

oh, you don't get your book covers gold-detailed by hand by monks in sicily? :O

brb, just gonna climb those twisting marble steps up to the SECOND FLOOR OF MY LIBRARY.

brb, just gonna check a few things on this astrology globe.

this guy stood in the middle of it all:

bask in the heavenly glow:

& exiting after it all, finally inhaling & exhaling after holding my breath in delight the entire time we were in there, with my own beast (he is a little hairy sometimes). but also, importantly - this (there's some language).

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