Tuesday, July 1, 2014

euro-whirl: vienna / part 1

hello from spain! we are currently in coma ruga, which is about 45 minutes outside of barcelona. benny boy has had a conference here, & it will last through the week. we fly home on sunday! we're down in the lobby, watching the usa/belgium game & it is tense. perhaps by the time i finish this post the game will be over. i'm almost the sort of person who likes to just, turn it off & find out later the result, because i get so nervous as it's happening that i can't quite take it. but let's talk about vienna!

we were in vienna just about a week ago, & it couldn't have been more lovely. the weather was warm, but still mild, the stars aligned so we were able to see much pretty everything we wanted to see, & ben was just back in his old stomping ground, you know? (he served one of them mormon missions in austria & germany, & spent four months in vienna)

so far, these have been pictures of the inside & outside of stefansdom, a large, gorgeous church smack in the middle of everything. it was hard to get a picture of the entire building, because they were doing a lot of construction on the lower half, so all of these photos are from the tip-top of the church. but, look at this photo below: such a difference between the area they've cleaned & the area they haven't! see how black it is? 

we also went down into the stefansdom catacombs. eek! as we descended lower & lower into the underground labyrinth of the church, the darker & darker it got, until single light bulbs spaced every eight or ten feet or so lit our way. it was all very satisfyingly creepy - dark stone, piles & piles of sooty bones in cave-like rooms...i wish we could have taken pictures. i should have snuck, but perhaps a bright camera flash would have brought back some of the dead? :/

it's hard to truly capture, image-wise, an entire city - especially one like vienna, where you see beautiful, photo-worthy buildings EVERYWHERE you turn.

these colllloooorrrs:

we passed the austrian academy of sciences, & of course had to set up our favorite physicist in front to take a picture :) the german language, vienna, & science = SOMANY of his favorite things all in one photo, i'm surprised this photo didn't capture his head mid-explosion.

as seen in another church, which i'm disappointed i don't remember the name of because i blab all the time about how all churches in europe are special & beautiful, etc. & here i'm just plopping in pictures of one without anything to distinguish them...oh well?

in front of the composer (i accidentally typed "computer," first, instead of "composer." haha) franz schubert's home, which went woefully unmarked. the only way we knew about this place was because of our dorky travel book. thanks, rick steves.

we also checked out peterskirche, & sat & rested for a while (btw - i love the way the german word for "church," "kirche," is pronounced. when we were in vienna i would ask ben to say it every five minutes, haha). something we love about most churches & cathedrals in europe is that you're usually totally welcome to come in, & sit. lds churches are usually locked up during the week, but in somewhere like peterskirche, we were allowed to sit, relax, & contemplate. if we ever travel to europe, it's one of our most favorite things to do.

later, we ate a small lunch on the steps of a fountain in a large, long shopping center. nearby, a band played songs like nirvana's "come as you are," coldplay's "yellow," & the chili pepper's "scar tissue." it was kind of nice to sit & listen, & i remembered how much i loved "come as you are" as a teenager. gaaah. it's so good.

scenes from inside the hofburg complex, where the palace & several other royal buildings are located. please note the intense scene being rendered here on this fountain at the left.

also please note the gobs on tour:

posing problems :/ why don't i just let the amazing scenery in the background do all the talking in a picture? i must remember that for the future. anyway, more of the palace complex:

& a large monument dedicated to maria theresa, who, pausing for a moment, was pretty awesome in a lot of ways. she ruled for 40 years as the only female ruler of the hapsburgs, had sixteen children, entered into & came out of two wars...just a really interesting icon. 

in front of sigmund freud's favorite cafe. 

here's benjamin in front of beethoven's home. i loved that he loved checking out all these locations that are important in the history of music. it was really fun to watch him, & have him tell me interesting facts about the composers, or hum a piece or two of theirs at my request. on the right is the pretty street around the corner from beethoven's home.

& only a few blocks down from the above location, we radically shifted to a vastly different, although no less ah, fruitful & creative domain: that ruled by the poster child of psychoanalysis, sigmund freud (remember how they name their kid sigmund, or "siggy," in what about bob, after freud?).

i have a confession: i love freud. i think he's crazy, & awesome, & i know, i know all his stuff has been debunked & whatever, but that doesn't make any of it less fascinating or any less relevant to our lives, as weird as that sounds. i mean, to think of all the stuff he thought & wrote about? crazy genius. doing freudian readings, or psychoanalytic literary criticism, that is, of novels & other works of literature are really fun, it makes the work totally weird & throws it all into a whole new light. so i had a fun time visiting this place. this is where freud lived & would see his patients! the museum was closed, which, bummer, but it was still fun to look around.

this is me being the id, but let's be honest: if i were really trying to portray the id, i would have to be doing...much crazier stuff.

& with thoughts of the id, i close this post.

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