Tuesday, August 26, 2014

20 weeks.

as of last sunday, i'm 20 weeks along. 20 weeks! according to my calculations, that's halfway, right??! :) i cannot believe how quickly the time has gone - i remember our first doctor's appointment, when i was about 6 weeks along, like it was yesterday. 

overall, this pregnancy has been pretty mild. don't get me wrong, i've had my...days. for example: i had a lot of, er, sickness happen in europe [have you ever thrown up on an airplane? the worst part about it isn't necessary how this really gross thing is happening in such an enclosed space. it's the intimacy of it all. i've realized that i rarely feel as vulnerable in life as i do when i'm ralphing {the best word for "throw up" ever}, & to have complete strangers be exposed to me when i'm at my most vulnerable was hard]. 

driving around the highlands easily counts as the worst day of my pregnancy so far, i actually asked ben, "can you die from throwing up too much?!" (i get pretty motion sick normally, but the pregnancy has made it 10, no, 20 times worse). i've been quite tired much of the time (the sleepiness came on strong in the first semester & has managed to linger, albeit to a slightly lesser extent, here in the second), but i feel that i've escaped most of those pregnancy joys, such as morning sickness or whatever you hear about, for the most part. & for that i feel very lucky (or should i say "#blessed"? :).

i've been trying hard to keep up a good exercise schedule, which has helped me feel really great during this whole crazy change my body is going through. exercising was hard, very hard, during those first few weeks when ALL I WANTED TO DO WAS SLEEP. in the last two months or so, though, i'm feeling more back to my pre-pregnancy running self. i'm participating in a ragnar relay with friends in a few weeks (doc gave the green light, we're all good!), which has been the perfect way to get me up & out to train. i love running in central park as the sun goes down - it's good for my soul. 

for the longest time i was playing mind games with myself, thinking, "was that the baby moving?! or just weird stomach gurgles!? was that a kick? or gas???" but in just the last week - this is hot off the press - i have felt the baby move in ways that are unmistakable. as in, there's no way that was just a weird stomach gurgle, right then. that was without a doubt THE CHILD GROWING IN ME. it's crazy, & surreal, & incredibly exciting.

anyway, just a quick update from me, the 20-week tornado. good night!


  1. I love this update. And you're a total running inspiration to me. Although knowing you and Ben, the child that you produce will have you running from Day 1, so it's probably good that you're going to be in such good shape :). I love the intimacy and privacy of feeling my baby move. This constant companionship that you have, the complete trust this little unconscious stranger has in you. I love you, sister-in-law!

    1. Those are perfect words to describe a baby moving in the belly - intimate & private. Sometimes I'll pull Ben's hand over & have him feel the kicks & wiggles, but a lot of times the movements are so quick, or small, that only I can feel them. They're very quiet moments, just between me & her, & no one around except me knows that the tiny life inside me is rocking & rolling!



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