Monday, August 11, 2014

meet me in montauk!

ben has been traveling every so often this summer out to a large, intense place on long island called brookhaven national lab. from the lab ben conducts experiments, shoots lasers through materials, shoots neutrons through materials, shoots muons through materials, analyzes results, & in general does very intense physics stuff.

anyway, a few weeks ago i took a train out to meet up with ben after he finished one such period of science-ing. we rented a car & drove out, out, out through the hamptons until we reached montauk, which is where the title of this blog post comes from. watching this clip reminds me that i should watch that movie all over again & see what new stuff i discover this time around.

get ben near a body of water & there's no stopping the amount of rock skippage that will happen (as previously documented here):

while i managed to get in some throwage as well...

...i actually prefer something a little different than skipping tiny rocks: i find the largest rock i can carry & then huck it into the water. of course, the rock never makes it too far, but i love the sound it makes when it hits the water. is that.........weird? :)

the face of large rock-throwing success:

at one point i became really ambitious & decided to wade a bit & stand on a rock that was out in the middle of the water. i was inspired by my friend kathryn - she's always doing adventurous stuff like this to get a good photo. the rock was really slippery, as were the rocks i had to step on to get out to that rock (dangerous?.....*thinks for a second*.....nah). i cut my foot a little on one of the rocks, & afterwards it looked like i peed me pants (don't worry, THOSE PHOTOS ARE BELOW) but after i made it back on solid ground & we looked over the photos ben had taken, we agreed it was all worth it.

i so wish i had planned this all out better turned this into a real photo shoot. i was still wearing my train/road trip clothes & feeling pretty grubby. i waded out there on a total whim. but wouldn't it have been so great if i had been wearing some, i don't know, flowy, stevie nicks-y thing & the shoot could have been all sea goddess-themed? the light was so nice (we took these as the sun was going down), & the waves really cooperated. i'm kicking myself. next time we're in montauk & i climb out to a rock for some little mermaid, "part of your worrrrllllddddd" action, i'll at least do my hair, or whatever.

also, fun fact: we almost used the photo below for the pregnancy announcement. it's got some fun stuff going on. well done, benny boy:

& this one was right after that freezing burst of water passed over & drenched me from the knees down. haha:

anyway, i told you the post-photo shoot, pants-pee picture was coming, so here it is. haha:

& with that delightful image, i will close this post. :)

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